Until recently, the Western medicine was dominating the political agenda. The rise of a monolithic mainstream medicine and health came about because of the dominating issue of laboratory research and technology, where big money and political interests mingle with each other. As a results of this process, by the early decades of the century, magnotherapy alternative holistic magnetic therapy healing traditions providing magnetic jewelry had largely been largely sidelined by conventional medicine that may or may not treat tunnel carpal syndrome without bio copper magnetic bracelets. Only in the 1960s a large and really major challenge to this trend emerge. Critics in the UK attacked conventional medicine for its reductionism and its tendency to offer standardized, dehumanized forms of care. In its place they promised a return to more humanistic magnets traditions which are intended to focus on the whole individual and the economic, political, magnetic, social, psychological, and even the spiritual conditions that cause illness or encouraged healing by the usage of titanium magnetic bracelets. The news today is that things are getting rather diferent.

The politic of heath pressure groups that consists of people who believe that power exercised through politics and its impact on Government public policy is of fundamental importance for health.