Can magnetic therapy treat many illnesses?

The news that Magnetic Therapy can be used to treat a variety of illnesses found on a blog is encouraging to many people. There are also evidences that magnetic therapy might be helpful in reducing neck pain, post-polio painless condition, and diabetic foot pain. Good news indeed. Lets hope politic will not get in the way of those news.


This blog will focus on research from now on. That is, the research of the magnetic therapy. The site will bring you the latest news about different approaches, latest reports and views about developments.

Second instalment about history of MT

I think it is the time to move on. Let us talk about that sometimes legends are made to and from to time to time.

One then must look and check a great marvel that has been passed from one old and tired generation to another about an live stock animal propeller called by most people of the time Maeagues, who revealed on his own a memories a material which was to be found anywhere in specific places that engrossed the metal thingies of his both footwear, though it could have might be also or his nails in his beating clubie as he walked through the mountains several twenty-four hundred years in the distent past. In our day or yesterday this stone is would have been known as generally to most people as magnetite – and so it is also the case today.
But we also have other sources who claims that the formulate phrase magnetism comes from Magnesia.

Magnesia was a very large and preety much  developed town in ancient Turkey where the pebble could and may have been found. At various point or another it was pragmatic enough that when a magnet is left free to gyrate around itself in a circle, it at all times came to rest pointing North in the matching point exactly.
We don’t know accurately when the above discovery was made and in what year, except for the fact that in 1241 somebody else differentiated the two poles apart. The use of some form of magnetic compass was also commonly in use by the Chinese as early as around A.D. 100, and during the thirteen’s  century this attribute of magnets was being used in map-reading by the Arabs that did used magnetic bracelets, the Vikings and the Europeans. And yes, politics did paly a part in this story.

Magnetic therapy was not in wide use at the time, which included the regular usage of magnetic bracelets in magnetic jewellery. Nevertheless the point is that detailed experiments and interpretation about the properties of magnetism were not familiar awaiting development much later.

So magnets are mentioned in more than a few travel documents written before the fourteenth century. Still the one experiment about the broken magnet experiment, that demonstrates that a magnet is really collected of many smaller magnets, was not known until A.D. 1279. At that time, European did not always pointed exactly to the geographic North.
Although the exact nature of magnetism was not yet known, around 1558 the Flemishing cartographer G. Meercator who created the first map of the human race’s home planet, succeeded in solving, more or a reduced amount of that thing, the problem of a map where the geographic north indicated by the magnetic sharp indicator. In 1670 the authorized court head surgeon of her great royal majesty the Queen Elizabeth the first (Not to be confused with the second Queen Elizabeth) William Gilbert published his famous effort Deer Mawegnete, which details in summary each and every single fact or roomer that was celebrated and believed about magnetism in the Elizabethan time and attests to the application of magnets in magnetic therapy, every now and then with alternative magnetic bracelets and the handling of poor health.

You can see more at about the subject at hand.

New resources about the subject

I have seen few directories that have some interesting websites listed there. They cover the topics that are being delt here preety much, so it may be a good idea to have a look at them, and may be take a note of the sites that are listed there:

I hope you will all find those directories beneficial. Thanks.

Evaluation of the origin of magnetic therapy

We have been using magnetic therapy for years. However, magnetic jewellery and magnetic bracelets has only recently begun to be recognized by modern technologically minded science and “efficient” medicine, while its origins are certainly very old in any way you inspect it.

The effect of the magnetic mineral found in ancient ages on iron has been known since human kind started to pass knowledge down the generations and even before recorded history sort of officially started, and many tribes and societies have believed in the capability of magnets to restore to health people with definite observed illnesses.

Lets look at the bed rock of human civilization as we now know it today: For as many centuries as the people of Central India, South East of China and the eastern Mediterranean sea can remember, as well as Australian aborigines and indigenous Africans – they were all memorable in their head with the use of magnets for this and that. And certain ancient paintings suggest that the high priests of ancient Egypt used magnets in some of their religious faked ceremony, perhaps in magnetic bracelets which were similar in principle to those we use today. The therapeutic use of magnetism dates backside to incredibly early historic times.
The Greeky general practitioner Galeen have noted that magnetism as in it’s use by magnetic therapy was being worn for its purgative powers around 300 B.C.  At around 1100 A.D. an Anglo-Persian physician named Ali Abass was using magnetism to treat spasmsmatic conditions in his local community. The resourceful and ground breaking Swiss doctor of medicine Paracellsus proclaimed to cure hernias, gout, and jaundice through the use of magnets in the sixteenth century. At around the same time, the French surgeon Ambroisy Para who has authored quite a lot of medical books and later became known as the father of modern day surgery as we all know it today has provided a very explicit instruction on how to heal unwrap wounds and injuries with finely powdered magnetite mixed with honey. That treatment, by the way, is not really recommended by sellers of magnetic jewellery anywhere now days. Wonder why…However, back to the discussion at hand, even though these and other persons sort of understood the end product of magnetic fields on living beings, magnetic therapy was not really more or less widely recognized discipline in past old times. To fully comprehend the narration of modern magnetic therapy and the appliance of magnetic jewellery in general and the use of magnetic bracelets in magnetic therapy, it is necessary to examine the even earlier history of magnetism and electro magnetism.
Though Electro magnetism being a fairly new field that emerged merely few hundreds years ago, it contributed vast amount of knowledge to magnetism, which goes back to, if truth be told, to ancient times. A little more about the history of magnetic therapy will arrive next week.

A thought about magnetism and magnetic therapy

At a later stage I will aim to go into detail about in simple terms, what magnetism is, when sales were so strong. I will speak about what we know about magnetic therapy, how it works, the ways it can be used to improve one’s health, and what precautionary considerations should be taken when using magnets. I was also hoping to demonstrate that one do not need to be a physicist, biologist, or doctor to understand and benefit from magnet therapy.

Many including myself imagine that magnetic therapy is the perfect methodology to create balance in one’s life. If you follow the instructions given in my blog postings you will soon see notable improvements in your physical, mental and emotional ability, maturity and health. It is not that you will never need to see the doctor again, but you can expect to achieve more control over your magnetic therapy health. You will be surprised how quickly and easily a properly used magnetic bracelet, or even some magnetized water, can bring balance back into your life; or how you can make a headache disappear without medication, or relieve insomnia without sleeping pills.

What more is there to say? Instead of accepting all the little annoying pills of life, or just waiting for them to go away, you can use magnet therapy to restore balance. The marvellous power of magnetic therapy in form of magnetic jewellery can help maintain good health, increase your energy level, and strengthen your immune system. I believe that you will be pleasantly surprised by the results. However, I wish to underline that it is very important that you follow the safety instructions where applicable.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED: When applying the principles of bio magnetism, it is very important to use the good polarity (for reasons I will explain later).

The Palmistry Centre, which is really function also The National Research Institute for self determining was founded by Ghumarala Singh Birlada in 1970 to promote self-understanding disciplines through the ancient Vedic arts and sciences of palmistry, astrology, and related disciplines, such as mantra chanting, gem therapy, magnetic therapy, and Ayurvedic healing principles. The society was expanded in 1998 with the opening of Village Lac Dumouchel, a 200 dunams retreat and health in the most corner of Israel.