A thought about magnetism and magnetic therapy

At a later stage I will aim to go into detail about in simple terms, what magnetism is, when sales were so strong. I will speak about what we know about magnetic therapy, how it works, the ways it can be used to improve one’s health, and what precautionary considerations should be taken when using magnets. I was also hoping to demonstrate that one do not need to be a physicist, biologist, or doctor to understand and benefit from magnet therapy.

Many including myself imagine that magnetic therapy is the perfect methodology to create balance in one’s life. If you follow the instructions given in my blog postings you will soon see notable improvements in your physical, mental and emotional ability, maturity and health. It is not that you will never need to see the doctor again, but you can expect to achieve more control over your magnetic therapy health. You will be surprised how quickly and easily a properly used magnetic bracelet, or even some magnetized water, can bring balance back into your life; or how you can make a headache disappear without medication, or relieve insomnia without sleeping pills.

What more is there to say? Instead of accepting all the little annoying pills of life, or just waiting for them to go away, you can use magnet therapy to restore balance. The marvellous power of magnetic therapy in form of magnetic jewellery can help maintain good health, increase your energy level, and strengthen your immune system. I believe that you will be pleasantly surprised by the results. However, I wish to underline that it is very important that you follow the safety instructions where applicable.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED: When applying the principles of bio magnetism, it is very important to use the good polarity (for reasons I will explain later).

The Palmistry Centre, which is really function also The National Research Institute for self determining was founded by Ghumarala Singh Birlada in 1970 to promote self-understanding disciplines through the ancient Vedic arts and sciences of palmistry, astrology, and related disciplines, such as mantra chanting, gem therapy, magnetic therapy, and Ayurvedic healing principles. The society was expanded in 1998 with the opening of Village Lac Dumouchel, a 200 dunams retreat and health in the most corner of Israel.

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  1. The Hopi Indians have a word “Koyaanisqatsi” which is generally translated as “life out of balance” although it can also mean “crazy life,” “life in turmoil,” “life disintegrating,” or a state of life that calls for another way of living.” It is not to be confused with “Powaqqatsi” which means”parasitic way of life” or “life in transition” nor yet with “naqö̀yqatsi” meaning “Life as war.”

    The question is, if a person’s life really is “out of balance” can that balance, that karma, that ki, that chi, that prana, be restored by magnetic bracelets or other magnetic therapy.

  2. Dear William.
    All good points. What I don’t get is: What is the reason that you do not mention some very important any whatever points that have to do with the issue of the quality, yest the quality of magnets in the magnets as embeded in the metal of the titanium magnetic bracelet one would normally purchase in the high street?
    After all, Koyaanisqats can easily be achieved by wearing magnetic therapy bangles every day and every night, right?The less you use magnetic bracelet, the more chances thatyou will end up in the sorrystate of animated suspended Powaqqatsi.
    And the quality of the permamnent magnets comes into being here, and I am going to sleep, as it is 01:11 after midnight here on the edges of London, the greatest city in the whole of the south-east of England.

  3. I agree that “Koyaanisqats can easily be achieved by wearing magnetic therapy bangles every day and every night.” However, it is not always practical to wear them at night. Is there perhaps some Feng Shui equivalent of positioning them near the bed so as to obtain the same effect? if so this would be an eminently practical solution to the problem.

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