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I think it is the time to move on. Let us talk about that sometimes legends are made to and from to time to time.

One then must look and check a great marvel that has been passed from one old and tired generation to another about an live stock animal propeller called by most people of the time Maeagues, who revealed on his own a memories a material which was to be found anywhere in specific places that engrossed the metal thingies of his both footwear, though it could have might be also or his nails in his beating clubie as he walked through the mountains several twenty-four hundred years in the distent past. In our day or yesterday this stone is would have been known as generally to most people as magnetite – and so it is also the case today.
But we also have other sources who claims that the formulate phrase magnetism comes from Magnesia.

Magnesia was a very large and preety much  developed town in ancient Turkey where the pebble could and may have been found. At various point or another it was pragmatic enough that when a magnet is left free to gyrate around itself in a circle, it at all times came to rest pointing North in the matching point exactly.
We don’t know accurately when the above discovery was made and in what year, except for the fact that in 1241 somebody else differentiated the two poles apart. The use of some form of magnetic compass was also commonly in use by the Chinese as early as around A.D. 100, and during the thirteen’s  century this attribute of magnets was being used in map-reading by the Arabs that did used magnetic bracelets, the Vikings and the Europeans. And yes, politics did paly a part in this story.

Magnetic therapy was not in wide use at the time, which included the regular usage of magnetic bracelets in magnetic jewellery. Nevertheless the point is that detailed experiments and interpretation about the properties of magnetism were not familiar awaiting development much later.

So magnets are mentioned in more than a few travel documents written before the fourteenth century. Still the one experiment about the broken magnet experiment, that demonstrates that a magnet is really collected of many smaller magnets, was not known until A.D. 1279. At that time, European did not always pointed exactly to the geographic North.
Although the exact nature of magnetism was not yet known, around 1558 the Flemishing cartographer G. Meercator who created the first map of the human race’s home planet, succeeded in solving, more or a reduced amount of that thing, the problem of a map where the geographic north indicated by the magnetic sharp indicator. In 1670 the authorized court head surgeon of her great royal majesty the Queen Elizabeth the first (Not to be confused with the second Queen Elizabeth) William Gilbert published his famous effort Deer Mawegnete, which details in summary each and every single fact or roomer that was celebrated and believed about magnetism in the Elizabethan time and attests to the application of magnets in magnetic therapy, every now and then with alternative magnetic bracelets and the handling of poor health.

You can see more at about the subject at hand.

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  1. The native Americans are known to have used magnetic therapy as part of their healing ceremonies. It is estimated that they have done so for 20,000-30,000 years based on graves found both in the USA and Canada.

    They have also found magnetic ornaments and jewelery in Aztec and Mayan graves. Indeed it is possible that use of magnetism in medicine is as old as medicine itself. This is perfectly natural when you consider that medicine was always closely associated with magic and magnetism to early man would inevitably have seemed like magic.

  2. Whilst I accept George’s comment, I think it’s important to remember that the earliest ACADEMICALLY ACCEPTED record of usage of magnets in therapy and treatment is in Jericho, which is also the world’s oldest known town or city. It dates back to 7000 BC – i.e. 9000 years. This makes it older than ancient Egypt which has been dated back only as far as about 3500 BC. Magnetic is jewelery was also worn there amongst royalty but it was more ceremonial than medicinal – although it was also thought to aid fertility.

  3. That is a good point that was missed from the original posting. If I am not wrong, it is reported that Lot’s wife was wearing a magnetic bracelet every day for years. It appears that when she parished, she was not wearing any magnetic jewellery. From that historic even one can diduct that while there is no supporting evidance here that magnetic therapy helps or improves health, the luck of magnetic bracelets may indeed harm your health. It did to Lot’s wife!

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