Can magnetic therapy treat many illnesses?

The news that Magnetic Therapy can be used to treat a variety of illnesses found on a blog is encouraging to many people. There are also evidences that magnetic therapy might be helpful in reducing neck pain, post-polio painless condition, and diabetic foot pain. Good news indeed. Lets hope politic will not get in the way of those news.

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  1. Can magnetic therapy treat many illnesses?

  2. The best news about Magnetic therapy – and this should not be understated – is that is can be used to treat any medical condition (although that doesn’t guarantee the results). In contrast, however, aroma therapy cannot be used to treat bad breath. Furthermore, Chinese acupuncture can be used to treat any condition except one: pins and needles!

  3. Anything that can reduce pain is a good thing. Even if magnetic therapy only alleviates the symptoms, it has a contribution to make. palliative care is as important as actual treatment to millions of people and that is why we should be encouraging such methods as this and even offering them on the national health service. I hope President Obama will make them available to Americans under his health care plans.

  4. Magnetic therapy is becoming popular in the US and in the UK with those suffering from painful conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia and so on. While there are some medical evidence for magnetic therapy help in those conditions, it is the response of the masses out there that matters if to judge by the email receievd by sellers of magnetic jewellery. Also, it is now established that treatment of magnetic bracelets has no adverse effects non what so ever.

  5. […] here. In replay to the posting that dealt with the hottest issue in alternative therapies – That magnetic therapy treat many illnesses, Wof Dfuiw brought up the argument that as ” Magnetic therapy is becoming popular in the US […]

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