Different alternative therapies for arthritis

Some known and different alternative therapies for arthritis range like the alpha-bet from Acupuncture to Zinc, with much in between. From magnetic bracelets made  of titanium, stainless steel and copper to direct magnets applications to yoyo to name just a few .But the questions remains; Do alternative therapies for  arthritis real really work? Many people who sometimes suffer chronic arthritis are looking constantly alternative therapies in an effort to find relief from their pain, stiffness,  stress, anxiety, and depression accompany the disease. Indeed Arthritis Foundation reports that around two-thirds of those suffering from the  disease disesteemed some form of alternative therapies. An over view of the those alternative therapies: Some Work, Many Don’t

A survey conducted for Arthritis Today reported that the favourite alternative therapies of the 791 arthritis sufferers who responded to the survey included  everything from prayer and meditation to magnets. The writer is associate director of the Thurston Arthritis Research Centre at the University of North  Carolina at the famous Chapel Hill location.

Out of the 2,147 physicians who responded to the survey, the alternative therapies most recommended were capsaicin, relaxation, biofeedback, meditation,  journal writing, yoga, spirituality, tai chi, and also acupuncture.

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