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Health and safety of magnetic jewellery

When discussing side effect and health hazards of magnetic therapy jewellery such as magnetic bracelets and bangles, we are facing a very strange answer: There are no known side effects for the use of magnetic jewellery, and there is no measurable observed time limitation for length of time or the amount of magnets or the accumulative strength of magnets anybody one can wear at any given time or for a certain defined period of time.

The use of magnetic therapy products generally and magnetic jewellery in specific enable any person to safely and economically treat many human and animal body aches and painful conditions without the use of injections, salves and drugs. In fact, the usage of magnetic therapy is completely non intrusive.

Using magnets is as safe as anybody have ever observed. It is non invasive and also non addictive, with the few notable following exceptions:
Magnetic therapy products, magnetic jewellery, magnetic bracelets and bangles are may not suitable for:

Pregnant women: This is precautionary notice, as we actually do not have any empirical data based on observation regarding the possible effect of magnets on un-born children. In this case, it’s best to be extra careful.

People with pacemaker or any other electrical implants: Magnetic field effect electric currents, as they are actually similar in origin and effects. Though not all electric devices are being effected by magnetic fields, it is best to ensure that you don’t use magnets where electric devices that may have fatal consequences on humans if fail.

People with insulin pump: Same apply as above.
Also, magnets should not be used near and on open wound: Goes without saying, you may say. Trivial. Well, it’s not. Some people have been known to place magnets on open wound and expected results.

Animals (Mainly cats and dogs) with any electrical implants: Some electric chips that are implanted on animals are not affected by magnetic collars. It depends on the device and also the location of the implant in relation to the collar. It’s best to consult your vet about the matter – Ask him or her if it is all right to use the magnetic collar.