added a security measure to titanium magnetic bracelet

All day we are fighting with our wifes, husbands and children. And if one is not lucky, ones also fight with mom, dad and even an ankle or two. At this point I would like to state that snce me, my wife, my chldren, dog, cat and parents all wearing magno do. No no no at all magnetic bracelet, all of the above stoped. Amazing. The power of magnetic therapy in those situation is that it helps in times when everybody neds help all of the time. And where can we turn in our time of need? no, not he local regional shring that never held a titanium magnetic bracelet in his or her life. Not at all.

At this time of need we must, or should I say need to turn to medicines. A good drug taht the local GP handed out ill do at j ust the job. But, is that.

And those drugs are the orse pssible thing that one should take. Intea, one should thrive to get his or her hands on alternative therapy materal. Lets say for the sake f arument, that we are talking about magnetic therapy. Well, magnetic jewellery are the solution to he problem.

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  1. I have to agree! it is much better to buy a magnetic bracelet one time and use it over and over again as all magnetic jewellery in the uk, than it is to continously keep buying medication.

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