Traveling with magnetic bracelets

I was encountered this problem of travelling with magnetic bracelet as I was planning my anual christmas huge to my parents in law in Hungary. I was and always wearing my Titanium magnetic bracelet made of copper with super strong neodymuim rare earth magnets, and suddenly a cold motion came over me: Will they let me on the plane with it. This magnetic therapy bracelet which is really a magnetic bangle is my most preciouse belonging. It helps me ease the pain from diferent reasons in my life, and most of all, the pains in my wrist, my back and shoulders. Recently I started to experience pains in my elbow after too much weigt lifting, that is in my right arm, and the magnetic therapy jewellery did help me a lot.

I was thinking about wearing magnetic wrap on my elbow, but decided it is too big. So gave my magnetic bracelet which have really strong magnets a chance. And after a very short time, the pain have eased to a level of margelising the pain in a way that it almost gone away in a very short time indeed.

That was ablessing of course, and it hppened just before the planned trip I was telling you about. The problem kept me up all night for few nights. The problem is that it is not only a metal object that I was bringing on board of a plane, but as one would take it on and off few times would find out, anyody can flatten it and than the whole thingy looks like a wepon or something. And not only this, there is the issue of magnts, which are very powerful indid in this bracelet.

So, I was wondering, dose it means that nobody cn take magnetic jewellery with them he or she on board of a passenger plane? Supid.

Still, and while completly sure that I am in the right, my heart was pounding in my ribs cage while I was making my way to the airport with my child and wife – what is they do not let me on the plane?

As I walked closer to the drop zone i begun to drip sweat. My breathing got faster, my hands sweating. Please help me lord of my people, I was thinking. Well, the security was even more difficult, but I made it. The reason is that I actually forgot my magnetic bracelet at home.

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  1. Travelling with magnetic jewellery including magnetic bracelets is easy. just get on the plane, and fly. The pain will go away and you will have a great time.

  2. I thing that this is simplifing the issue a big time. I mean that taking magnetic bracelet with you to a commerial flight is no different that taking a Tiffany wrist bracelet with you. And the authoroties will not tell you to take it off.

    • But Tiffany bracelets are not magnetic bracelet, right? So they will not be a problem in the airport.

  3. It’s no problem on a plane. If it is big enough to set off the metal detectors they just get you to place it on the X-ray conveyor. Then you’re off an flying with the bracelet.

  4. Not sure you all understood the issue. After all, how many ways are there to do one thing right? Plenty!

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