Wild argument about magnetic therapy jewellery – believe it or not!

Here is a crazy debate about magnetic therapy and magnetic jewellery:


It is amazing how serious people takes the arguments – it is like a Monty Python sketch.

The discussion here descended very fast to the merits of “biopolar” vs. “unipolar” magnets.

And the main point put by one side was that “…Since the north polarity has a negative charge, taping the north side of a magnet to your skin can sedate the build-up of positive energy in your cells. This calms you. The north side is also generally the stronger healing force. Its tendency is to keep bringing us back into balance. It provides a restful, restorative energy and is associated with taking away pain, swelling, and infections, lowering blood pressure, and inhibiting tumour growth. It is also used in the treatment of sprains, broken bones, arthritis, and toothaches.” And “…THE SOUTH SIDE OF A MAGNET makes things grow. For better or worse, it activates, stimulates, and increases = whether blood circulation or cancer. For this reason it is trickier to work with the south side of a magnet. You don’t know what you may be activating. The south side will stimulate and amplify energies, disperse fluids, and increase blood flow. Because of its effect on the production of insulin, THE SOUTH SIDE of a magnet SHOULD NOT be placed on someone who is DIABETIC. I generally limit my use of the south side to working with burns, broken bones, sprains, and blood clots, or to create a close circuit in conjunction with the north side.”

The funny thing about this debate is that when one do a search on the internet – ones come across a massive info that was written by “experts” in very low quality websites – and people takes it as true and reality because it is written in a website. Come on people. A website is the most un-reliable source of information – anybody can write whatever they want – and there is nobody to say what is true and what is bonkers.

The discussion than comes to the war between the die hard factions on Nikken and Bioflow and the non believers in between. Really fun reading. And it gives a new perspective about believe in something intangible – like god maybe. If one can believe in god, one can believe in magnets. Or is that the other way around?


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