A fake blog here

I have found a fine example of an automated blog that takes the micky out of the whole magnetic therapy debate. This blog is an automated blog, where the content is used again and again in different blogs and site, and a software replaces words in the different versions, so the search engines will not penalise the site for duplicate content.

The following line says it all: “As abundant as possible, you would appetite your adolescent to attending appealing and able so you may appetite to accede authoritative her abrasion pieces of jewelry that can emphasis her outfit. Earrings are amid the Accessories you can opt to beautify your child’s actualization but if her aerial are not pierced, you can buy magnetic earrings for kids instead.”

Not exactly the Queen’s English, is it?
And wait, there is mre: ” For bandage earrings, the magnets should accept a appraisement of 1,000 Gauss and should be amid into their collapsed backside. bandage earrings should additionally accept ear clips with a bounce arrangement to ascendancy the magnets in their appropriate place. Also, accomplish abiding that the earrings can fit calmly on your child’s aerial to anticipate asleep and affliction abnormally back she has to abrasion them for a continued time.”

This is found at http://magneticjewelry.gohiblog.com/

The idea of those sites is simple: Create a site or a blog and fill it with any text – with the key words that are relevant to magnetic bracelet and the beautiful part is that it can be any old tosh – as those sites are not really made for human eyes – they are for the attention of search engines only. And they are really stupid. Still.

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