People are still asking

You may be forgiven to think that everybody knows everything that there is to know about magnetic therapy. Further more, you may also be forgiven (Yes, I am in a forgiving mood today) thinking that everybody on this planet have a rock solid opinion. Well, you could be wrong. In fact, I can categorically announce the whole world that you are.Wrong., that is. The Answer Bank website features a debate about this very issue.

One is asking: “magnets are said to help arthritis (i’m a sufferer myself), personally i’ve tried them in the form of a bracelet but had to take it off after a short while because of shooting pains in my arm (my arthritis is in my elbows and knees). one thing that does help is Iboprofen pain killing gel. its worth trying as it gives a good few hours of relief.” Obviously, that is not a fan of magnetic therapy (That was posted on March 2006),

And though agreeing with the spirit of things, one add – “…I do have a couple of friends who swear by them…”.

A person looks like a dog (honestly, he looks like a dog). Well, maybe the image he provided is of HIS dog. If so, how stupid is this situation – does he want people to fall in love with his dog, is he trying to get a friend for the dog? A dog’s best friend is the man – so…?

Any how, back to the matter at hand. That dodgy dog person says that “…If it is the onset of arthritis they may help..but once it’s gets hold there is no cure . You can only give them a try.
I would see your GP who will be able to give you professional advice and an anti imflammatory gel or medication. Feldene Gel is very good and you can get it over the counter at the chemist.Try Glucosamine or cod liver oil as an alternative.But..these take a while to kick in.
Arthritis in the feet is very painful .If it is in the heel area you may have what are called Hebdens Nodes ..these are what you get in the finger joints. Those knobbly lumps. Once they get to a certain pitch the pain eases.But this takes a long time !
I have tried magnet therapy and it did no good whatsoever.
In the meantime keep moving ! Wiggle your feet about as much as possible .” And you know what – ultimately you are correct.