So called Knowledge Centres in commercial sites

Bellow is an interview with an executive in the industry. One of his main responsibly in the organization is the Knowledge Centre of his company which sells magnetic jewellery, magnetic bracelets, or magnetic jewelry as they are called in the United States. And oh boy he have a full belly on other similar outlets. In this interview – mostly a non-stop monologue, we can revile interesting practices by the industry. Let’s see the full interview:

I enter the office and the phone starts to ring. Here we go again, I think. I can tell you what it is going to be about. Another brain washed buyer asking me about polarity, enhance magnetism, south and north pole and other mambo jumbo.

A buyer who purchased let’s say an expensive top of the range Premium Titanium Magnetic Bracelet because he liked the looks of it on his screen go on after that and “find out” a lot about magnetic bracelets and magnetic therapy on the internet. While he carries on surfing and bathing in the new found knowledge, a little voice inside his head starts to raise the alarm bells. As he reads more and find few more references to those new “facts”, the little voice becomes massive sirens of real emergency – the person starts to see red and starts coming in and out of his scope of vision. The warning signs are out there, and he cannot ignore them any more, so he picks up the phone and call us.

I pick up the phone, and the conversation goes like this. After the necessary pleasantries, he goes for the kill:

I have a question : magnets are measured in 2 ways , one is the total gauss of a magnet and then the power on the surface of the magnet which is not the same and it’s usually about 8 or 10 times smaller than the total gauss power of the magnet . Which reading are you giving to the power of the magnets on your bracelets, the total gauss power or the surface power of the magnet ?

Well, after that spill I ask for a second, cover the handset and drive my head on the wall, slamming it for few minutes. I than take the handset and hit the desk few times. I than compose my professional self and start to deal with this nonsense:

“I have no idea what is “the total gauss of a magnet” or “the power on the surface of the magnet” and no idea how to measure any of them. We measure the magnets by attaching pins of the gauss meter to each side of the magnets and take a reading. You can call it surface, I suppose. The distinction you quoted is an invention of magnetic jewellery website, to convince you that their items is better (or different) from other. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet…There is only one way to measure magnets, and you need to take the magnets out of the bracelet to do that.”

Is the buyer happy? No, of course he is not. He just paid a lot of money just to find out that all this magnificent technical impressive data that validates his decision to splash a lot of money on magnetic bracelet is mambo jumbo?

I will tell you what is going to happen: He will feel cheated. He may even ask for a refund and get the same item somewhere else, where they do give him enough positive ‘scientific’ re-enforcement and justification to buy magnetic jewellery.