Winter sale is now on for all Titanium Magnetic Bracelets

The winter sale is now on at Magnetic Products Store. Do not dare missing the products that comes with offers as follows:

Titanium magnetic bracelets with single magnets per link (With over 30 styles): Was £29.95, now only £26.95!

Titanium magnetic bracelets with two magnets per link (With over 15 styles): Was £39.95, now £32.95!

Titanium & Germanium magnetic bracelets: Was £49.95, now £39.95!

Titanium magnetic bracelets – The Jet Black range: Was £44.95, now £32.95!

Go ahead and browse the fantastic reductions today. There is something for everybody. And there is a free shipping to the UK, and a flat postage rate for any quantity for international buyers.