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Backpain and Myths

yoga-classTo a new, modern way of life belongs new modern kind of illnesses too. While people in the middle age died because of plague, we suffer from cancer.


Back pain is of course not closely that serious as cancer, but belongs to our century just like that. Statistics say that 8 out of 10 people suffer from back pain at some point if his/her life. As about everything that common, we have all sort of “knowledge” about we should or we shouldn’t do. Again just like in the middle age, superstitions in many cases.
Here you can find a slideshow about the most popular beliefs and the refutation of a few myths. Worth to look through!

An other way to use magnetic field for healing

Maybe not many people heard about it, but there is another, widely used method for healing with magnetic field.

The type of magnets is different though, then used in our jewelry. While our bracelets include permanent  magnets, in the mainstream medicine they are using an electric generated field.

It is called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), and can help with bone fractures, even mental disorders (like for example depression) or recovering after stroke.

shutterstock_56191381„It works by using an electromagnet placed on the scalp to generate brief magnetic pulses, about the strength of an MRI scan.

These pulses stimulate the part of the brain called the cerebral cortex.”
/ from here /
Many experiments have confirmed it’s success,  which gives a lot of hope for people struggling with diseases, previously considered as incurable.

„Overall, participants who received the magnet therapy improved by 16.3% immediately following treatment and by 22.6% two weeks later. There were no improvements seen in test scores of those who got the other treatment.“
/from here/

We certainly hope, that it will make even more suffer disappear from this world and help to open up our mind for non-traditional ways of healing too!

The day dedicated to the fathers

On the 16 of June comes the day of the year, when dads are in the spotlight. Even though Father’s Day is more then 100 years old, somehow Mother’s Day remained way more popular and wider celebrated.

Why? Probably, because emotions are more attached to women, therefor to mothers in our mind. Show our feelings to our father might seem way more difficult for many of us. But Father’s Day can help us a little, to reveal our appreciation and love to him. While it is a bit socially  required to celebrate Mother’s Day, it did not get built in so much in conventions according Father’s Day. It is our duty to remind ourselves, and not let the laziness keep us from making efforts for him.

Some people do not really like these kind of celebrations (Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, sometimes even birthdays, anniversaries…etc), because they think that we should act every day nicely not only on these special ones. Though I have to agree, we cannot just ignore the importance of special acts. It is a part of the every days as well, to do something extra, special for our loved ones. Also cannot miss, that it might not be important for us, but it does not mean, it is not important for him/her.

You have many gift choices, and probably your father/grandfather will be glad to receive any of them. But when we give presents, we do not want to only give something, we want to give something really good and useful.
With magnetic therapy bracelets, you do not only buy him a nice jewelry, but also show how much you care about his health and want to make him feel good, be healthy.

HERE, you can find a collection of man bracelets, what can help you to find the style which you think suits him the best.