NEW service!

From now on, MPS offers a FREE opportunity to get  personal messages engraved into several bracelets!
They are the same top quality bracelets but with a blank tag between the regular links.

You can get something engraved on both sides, which provides wide place for your creativity. A personal message makes your gift even more unique, and touches your loved ones heart every time he/she looks at it!
Perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries or graduation!


Find the bracelets and more details here:

An inspirational person

A success story of a man, who recognized that his weight is not only a little problem anymore and actually could make a change.

Of course we can say, that his state was an extremity, and distance yourself from his story. But I think we all have some kind of issues, which makes our life worse, but for some reason we do not fight it. Rather just say: “nobody’s perfect”.

What everyone should learn from this story, that we have to face our problems and do so as soon as possible. Before things are getting serious, especially if it is about our health!

To choose the right one

Decisions, decisions… It is good to have many opport unities to choose from, but it also makes decisions quite difficult. It is one of our every day problem. You go to buy some milk, and then you stand for 10 minutes before the shelf and think – but which one? ¬†Though it is a very simple thing, with not many features. And when it comes to something more complicated, or important… more and more questions pop up, and to buy some thing becomes a nightmare.

MPS has an extremely wide range of magnetic jewelry with many different features and look. We know, it might be hard to make your decision, so we made a little guide for you, which you can go through step by step!

Wish you an easy shopping!

The countdown started! 9 days left

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Coronavirus: New virus ‘not yet global threat’

Time to time there is a new deadly virus pops up, and all the media and all the people are going crazy. And then it’s gone.

But, is it gone, because we were all well informed and prepared (vaccinate) or it was only a hype?

What if, once we would not take it serious enough, because we heard “DANGER!” too many times? What would happen?

Some people say, that the pharmaceutical industry is the one behind it. But would we risk, not to protect ourselves though?

Arthritis and Magnetic therapy

know-home1 Do you suffer from arthritis? Do you know how magnetic therapy may help?
In MPS knowledge center you can find a lot of information about different aspects of magnets and their usage!

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