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We collected a some forums, where you can find a few reasonable and for sure a few pointless conversations.
If you bump into one which is worth to share, feel free to do so!


How to measure your wrist

Guarantee and Returns

What happenes, if you order a bracelet and it does not fit? Or the one who you bought it for does not like the style?
Just simply changed your mind for some reason?

MPS guarantee covers all the problems that might occur, always with the customer in the center!

Return items for refund in ANY CONDITION within 30 days of receiving the item. *

Return items for refund ANY TIME after the 30 days period of receiving the item. The item must be new and un-used, and with a copy of the printed invoice. *

Send LINKS BRACELETS for adding or removing links ANY TIME. *
We will Resize & send it back FREE of charge. **

Send BANGLES for exchange for a different size within 30 days. *
We will Exchange & send it back FREE of charge. **

If we delivered a wrong or faulty item please drop us a line, and we will send the correct item with a Pre-Paid envelope to return the wrong or faulty item. ***

Engraved items cannot be refunded.

* Buyer pays for posting item to us. Postage charged in the original order will not be refunded.

** Free resizing / exchanging applicable to UK orders only.
One free resizing / exchanging per item.
We will add links up to the length specified in the listing.

*** Applicable within 30 days of receiving the item.

No arms, no legs, no worries

Did you ever realized how lucky you are? And how much you could do? Well this man helps you to figure it all out.

Many people heard about him, but I think not enough. This guy, Nick Vojicic was born without arms or legs, has been in the deepest depression and still now has got a complete happy life. How can he do that, and how can we not? Watching him helps to appreciate what you got and makes you to face what you are doing wrong at the same time.

If you need motivation, or just would like to laugh (because he is a great comedian too:) check his video here:


The Giveaway where you choose the prize!

Win the bracelet



with new MPS Giveaway!

With our new GIveaway you can choose your own prize! You only have to pick the bracelet you like the most from our website,
enter the Giveaway  and tell us which bracelet you choose!

We will inform the winner by email.
Personalized ICE and Medical Alert bracelets are not part of the promotion.


I do not believe in Magnetic Therapy

There are a lot of people around who are feeling the need to express, they DO NOT believe in magnetic therapy. I am asking, why would you? if you never tried! But actually, we wouldn’t even advise those people to do so. Because these things need faith.

You can meet a lot of older people, who are complaining about that this or that treatment did not work, the medicines does not help, and the doctors know nothing. And they (expect the doctors knowledge) might be right. Because as long as they do not believe in their therapy or their healing, it just will not work.

We all experienced, that if we really want something it is happening with us. That we have to believe. It is right for our health too. We used to say, “he/she gave up” and there is no more hope. If it would only depend on the efficiency of medicines, why would that matter? But we know it does. This belief stands behind many stories of miracles, or sad stories, disasters…

We cannot say, it is only the dry objective science or only a matter of persuasion. It is a balance between them, the good mixture. Just like in Magnetic Therapy. If you do not beleive in it, there is no sense to use it.