NEW! In case of emergency

If you are one of the many people, who needs special treatment because of your medical condition, you probably are familiar with constant fear. What if something happens, and no one knows about my problem? The medical staff does not recognize the symptomes in time?

And for sure, we have the same fear (if not even worse) if someone we love is such kind of problems. What can I do? How Could I protect him/her?

ICE Medical Alert bracelet can help you to get rid of the

The bracelet is marked, for professionals, who are trained to look for it. On these special jewelry you can get engraved a message, which will tell them in an instant if there is anything important about you they need to know when treating you.

It can save your life!

Conditions – in case Medical Alert bracelet can be extremely important – are e.g.: Diabetes, Asthma ,Dialysis, Heart condition, Pacemaker, High Blood Pressure, Epilepsy, Dementia, or Allergies (Penicillin, Peanut.)

A bracelet is easy an comfortable to wear each day, this way the important information is with you anytime! It also useful to constantly wear for the positive effect of magnetic therapy too. ICE Magnetic Alert bracelets contain 25 magnets too, 3,000 Gauss each.

Erase the risk of a tragedy and use the benefits of Magnetic Therapy at the same time!

The engraving is a FREE service with the jewelry.


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