Magnetic Therapy for Pets

We all hate to see suffer the ones who love. It does not matter if he/she has two, or four legs.

As humans are basically just developed kind of animals, we do not say to much new if we state our biological system is pretty much the same. Animals usually suffer from the same or very alike diseases. Therefore you can find in animal medication the copy of human treatments too.

It is no different in magnetic therapy either. Magnets have the same effect on animal blood then on human one. It offers good results with skeletal and muscle issues, such as arthritis in the knees and the elbows.

Applying a collar with magnets provides and efficient and comfortable solution for your pet.

Available in two sizes, one for dogs and one for cats or tiny dogs.


Shining beauty of Swarovski

Who would not know the siluette of the swan, one of the nicest sparkling crystals in the world.
The company is producing the highest quality crsytals since 1895 and focusing to keep royal to the fame they reached.

Now MPS bracelets are available with original Swarovski Elements too.
These jewelleries are a great combination of alternative therapy and chic.


UK bracelets vs. US bracelets

A good example for the case, when we have to pay for our inscience.

Some US sellers are trying to make an impression, that  US bracelets are not just different, but better Magnetic Therapy bracelets, than the ones sold in the UK.
Based on what? Nothing. There is no ground in fact to state it.Using the same kind of magnets, in the same kind of bracelets which are usually coming from the same supplier.

The only actual real difference is the wrapping and the advertising copy they use. Do not pay more, if you do not KNOW what you have to pay more for!

What if, food’s price increased the same as medication’s


Reviews of Magnetic Therapy Bracelets and MPS

“pretty and effective!”
“Recommended by 3 family members, none of whom do ‘alternative’!!  Looks nice, and relieved back ache within days!  – I no longer roll out of bed and unfold on the way to the bathroom. Even if it’s a placebo effect, does it matter, if I feel better!!???”–therapy-bracelets/alioth-s-classic-titanium-magnetic-bracelet.html

“Really effective AND nobody knows!”
“I got this recently for joint pain, particiularly in my wrists, and it’s lovely to wear as everything feels so much calmer.. and it’s really pretty too, I get lots of admiring looks when people spot it!”

“Service with a smile!”
“I just got the feeling that nothing is too much trouble, from enquiry to purchase to delivery. Thanks.”

“Pretty yet srong and the magnets really wprk”
“This is my second titanium bracelet from you and I also purchased the same one for my daughter with the one for myself.  I find wonderful relief from rheumatic pain and the look attractive.  I have tried others but the titanium ones last so long and do not lose magnets.”–therapy-bracelets/alioth-g-classic-titanium-magnetic-bracelet.html

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