Magnetic attractiveness

bac-70-c-emps“So which of them is strongest?”

Now I’m not talking about Thor versus the Incredible Hulk or Superman versus Goliath. No  I’m talking magnets. A lot of first time customers raise this question when considering a purchase from Magnetic Products Store. But strength is a bit of a red herring. It would be like a woman looking for a husband on a basis of how big his muscles are instead of whether he uses those muscles to actually help around the house!

bat-5-wmps-510Now strength is important – for a handyman and a magnetic bracelet alike. In fact, there are some eastern cultures where men seek to marry strong women who can carry water (and children) over great distances. But even where strength is important, it’s not the be all and end all of the subject.  Indeed, some double-blind studies have shown that magnets outperform placebo (fake) magnets in their therapeutic and palliative effects whether they be strong or weak. To use an analogy drawn from conventional healthcare precepts: it isn’t about the strength of the medicine or the size of the dose; it’s about getting it right and regularly.

brtd-23-wmpsSo what then should you look for in a magnet if not the strength of the magnetic attraction? The answer is the attractiveness. See the subtle difference. It doesn’t matter how strongly the bracelet is attracted to iron. What matters is how strongly you are attracted to the bracelet. If the bracelet is attractive to your eye then it means that the bracelet is attracting you. It is like the broomsticks in Harry Potter. They choose their owner, not the other way round. It’s the same with magnetic bracelets – although the “magic” here is more of the poetic than the literal variety. You are attracted to what you like. Your own eyes are the final arbiter.

brtsw-7-wmps-gAnd – ironically, when we are talking about eyes – this is what some people lose sight of. A magnetic bracelet works in a number of ways. The magnets are only one of those ways. Your aesthetic taste is another. Some people say that magnetic bracelets only work because of the placebo effect. Well, in fact, that’s truer than they think. Because the word “placebo” comes from the Latin “I shall please.” And what could be more pleasing than that which makes the eye rejoice. And where the eye rejoices, the heart, mind and body will surely follow.