Do you believe in fairies?

Fairies AlluringIn addition to acrimonious family dinners and drunk driving and commercialism gone insane, Christmas is also the time for pantomime. Yes we all know them: Cinderella, Aladdin, Dick Whittington, Sleeping Beauty and my personal favourite: Peter Pan. Written by J M Barrie – who bequeathed the copyright to Great Ormand Street Children’s Hospital. Now of course there’s so much to remember about Peter Pan. But we all remember it. Tiger Lily’s dance (for the dads!). Tick-tock the crocodile. The villain captain Hook (who even has his very own modern day counterpart). And of course…Tinkerbell! The fairy!

“Do you believe in fairies?” asks Peter, as Tinkerbell is dying – presumably due to someone somewhere saying that he doesn’t. At which point the play lapses into the most shameless piece of audience manipulation. Now of course, believing in fairies is one thing. Finding them is another. They are, shall we say, quite shy and elusive. It’s hard to even catch a glimpse of one, let alone attract one.

But there is a solution. And it is based on the concept of magnetic attraction. The fairies alluring stainless steel 4- elements magnetic bracelet from MPS is guaranteed to attract fairies from within a 12 mile radius! Of course that doesn’t mean it will attract all fairies from within such a radius. After all you might be competing with someone else who has a similar bracelet and who happens to be nearer to the fairy. But if you are nearer, you will get the fairy. And once you’ve got the fairy, it’s yours for life – or at least as long as you treat the creature with kindness. It’s like these Pokemon Go characters. Same principle. You have to get in first.

But the best thing is that the bracelet is affordable. Just remember one thing. If you have a Wendy in your life as well as a Tinkerbell, there could be a little… rivalry.

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