Some of the most commonly asked questions we get is about sizing, we are one of the few companies on the market to offer multiple options regarding sizing and we thought now is the time to put some of your queries to bed all in one place.

We offer most of our links bracelets in multiple lengths, people often ask us why our charges are the way they are, we offer a choice of ways to resize your bracelet so we suit everyone’s needs. Firstly we offer a full service so if your bracelet arrives and you find its too small or too big you can return it to us filling out the returns form. The charge for the resizing  is £5 for link removal and then £5 for the first extra link and a further £1 for every extra link you require, we ask you to pay for the postage for this as once resized we will once again post it for FREE! Lots of people ask why we charge to take links out and the simple answer is we pay someone to do it, and although we think we offer a great service this is unfortunately one we can’t offer for free.

The second option is we give you the chance to fix the issue yourself by buying loose links, we only offer these in multiples of two as we have found that when we sold them individually many people would make the mistake of purchasing just one and then have to pay full price for a second one, this way even if you only need one you have a spare for less of the cost of buying two separately and no one is dissatisfied.

Of course all this can be avoided if you measure your wrist according to our guide and then buy to corresponding size on the website, many of our customers use this option and find this an extremely useful service which saves time if the guide is used correctly.

If you need help or advice with this or any other issue regarding sizing our friendly team is always on hand ready to help you can contact us via email or phone,