Can a bracelet get rid of arthritic pains?

brtd-23-wmpsPhrased like that in sounds like somebody is setting up the magnetic industry for a fall – or at least a challenge. After all mainstream medicine refuses to recognize it.  But some doctors are hesitantly acknowledging that magnetic bracelets may have some therapeutic effect after all – at least to the extent that they reduce pain. It is quite possible that more individual doctors would be ready to speak out in favour magnetic and copper jewellery for the treatment of chronic ailments were it not for the fact that in doing so they risk being ostracised – and worse – by their fellow physicians.

hp-5-ampsWhere then, does this leave the patient? The answer is pretty much in limbo as they have to decide for themselves whether to believe the  narrow-minded doctors or the evidence of various limited studies that suggest magnetic bracelets and other jewellery can and does reduce the pain that chronic sufferers endure. The learned medicine men – and I don’t mean the Indians – are quick to counter that it is all due to the placebo effect and the purveyors of these products are just cowboys.  But the fact is that many of these studies are double-blind and that pretty much puts the kibosh on the arguments of the doubters.

Arthritis and Magnetic therapy

know-home1 Do you suffer from arthritis? Do you know how magnetic therapy may help?
In MPS knowledge center you can find a lot of information about different aspects of magnets and their usage!

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Great source, independent articles about magnetic therapy

I would like to recommend a page, that discusses a lot of health connected topics. They have a lot about magnetic therapy to read. Pros, contras and all the things it can heal.
If you are planning to purchase, give it a look.

Another study rubbishing magnetic therapy

Last week we found out that academics at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City were determined to find out if there was something to back up the any claim made by magnet therapy supporters and sellers that wearing magnets may help to ease pains. The trendy hypothesis is that magnets one way or another increase blood flow to an effected area or block nerve impulses that carry pain information and that’s why wearing them helps, but the results of experiments by Dr. David W. Garrison indicated that there may have been no significant physiological distinction brought about by wearing magnets.

Those researchers think that they found that magnets did not appear to influence the nerve fibbers that transmit information about touch to the spinal cord, which have a propensity to be much more sensitive to encouragement than the nerves that pass on pain signals.

So if these highly sensitive touch nerves were not to be affected by magnets, “it would be a miracle” if magnets could influence the less sensitive pain nerves, the good old Dr. David W. Garrison said in an interview to Magnetic Therapy UK that was conducted via Skype last week.

These results, which are published in the American Journal of Pain Management, suggest that it would be “seemingly farfetched that (magnets) are doing something to alleviate pain,” he whispered in the interview.

The superior Dr. goes on to talk about that any apparent benefit wearers may feel they get from magnets is most likely the Placebo Effect that once again coming into play. Though he also mentioned that it’s possible some real pain relief could be the result of “gating.”

He is saying that “When people feel pain in their wrists from carpal tunnel syndrome, the researcher explained, nerve cells are sending that pain information to the spinal cord. However, if people wear a bracelet that contains a magnet to ease the pain, the pressure from the bracelet will activate other nerves that transmit information about touch to the spinal cord, and these nerves will start to compete with the pain nerve signals, limiting the amount of pain information reaching the brain.”

Later on he said that “…This theory also helps explain why rubbing a painful spot can often make it feel better”.

I bet that sellers of magnetic jewellery will not want this study to be seen by the wide public!

We will follow up this study in the coming months.


Magnetic bracelets new in town

A large supplier of magnetic bracelets, Magnetic Products Store have a new range of bangles with supper strong magnets. Customer’s feedback is that those bracelets effect better and faster on people with Arthritis than Bioflow bracelets.

Yoga, Magnetic Therapy and actual arthritis

Although there are only just few studies that seems to look at the effects of yoga on actual arthritis, a revise published in 1995 in the British Journalistic Papers of Rheumatology did find that people with rheumatoid arthritis who participated in a yoga program over a three month period had massively greater offer grip strength compared with those who did not practice yoga and weight lifting in one go. At the same or there about year, another study published in the Journal of Rheumatology for Young People reported that arthritis sufferers who practiced yoga or used magnetic bracelets showed a significant improvement in pain and pains reductions, soft tenderness, and finger wide-range of motion for osteoarthritis of the hands. Acupuncture is another possibility; But it is a magnetic therapy that has been studied extensively. The researcher says that as far as we know it doesn’t change the course of the illness. But it can be helpful in managing terrible pains and reducing stress which is or not so but may be associated with living with the painful chronic conditions of the body.

Exercise as a treatment of arthritis or magnetic therapy

Although it’s not listed at all as an actual alternative treatment for the world, a certain clinical famous assistant professor in the division of rheumatology at the Georgetown University School of Medicine is a strong supporter of exercise as a treatment of arthritis rather than the application of magnetic bracelets of the magnetic therapy. She is saying all the time and to who ever is ready or have to listen to here for example, that biking adding to the strengthens of the quadriceps muscle above or there about the general area of the knee. And the stronger the muscle that are there to move, the more likely you are to see an improvement and betterness in your signs of symptoms.  It must be said however that Impact body loading activities such as fast and relentless jogging or high impact aerobics is not recommended at all. However more gentle exercise is recommended. A very good example that is encouraged are such as activities as skinny-deep swimming or water horseless polo.

In and on top of that, there have been evidences that a mind to body practice of yoga and wearing magnetic bracelet may also help arthritis sufferers and their pain.