Magnetic Jewelry History

Magnetic therapy jewelry has come about over the past decade or so and has become a successful business because of the need for alternative to the ever stronger chemical medicines that are being employed by modern conventional medicine.

Magnetic therapy offers great health benefits such as improved blood circulation in the body’s tissues underlying the magnetic bracelet or ring, or any other type of magnetic jewelry and better overall well-being for the wearer. Implements of magnetic therapy have been accepted as a Complementary and Alternate form of Medicine by many people today in the Western world. Some of the most prominent products of magnetic therapy are magnetic jewelry – magnetic bracelets, bangles and wrist bands. These are worn on specified parts of the body for prescribed effect.

The other kind of product that the alternative medicine came up with are less mobile – ther products are magnetic mattresses which have magnets sewn into them, magnetic cream and blankets and even magnetic water (water that has been magnetized by inserting magnets into the water). Since the patient has to administer the products to himself or herself for their personal use, it is important to take specific instructions from the practitioner or the seller and follow them most scrupulously. The great salient features of magnetic therapy jewelry are that use of these does not involve any invasive treatments practices such as surgery or even the need to receive any kind of injected fluid. This concept involves acting on the human body by inducing a magnetic field and allowing its influence to direct the flow of blood, energy and magnetic flux to help the site of pain achieve equilibrium. For this reason, these implements are believed in by many people who shy away from allopathic medicine, and are getting more and more recognition worldwide.

Practicing magnetic therapy is undertaken only after requisite training who are seeking this specific knowledge, which entitled the individual to become a practicing magnetic therapist. There are courses and self-study and in distance mode and can be taken by anybody who has a real and profound interest. Some of those courses are even designed for the general public to educate the general sentiment and convince them of the benefits of this therapy. Practitioners’ certification and nurses’ certification are given upon intensive training. These courses are approved by magnetic therapy institutions and therefore are trustworthy. This is in no way related to bio-flow products which are available in the market for both humans and animals.

About Magnetic Therapy – Early History

The use of magnets in healing goes back a long way., and extends back in time at least as there are written records.

Many thousands of years before the emergence of the great civilisations in the Middle East, an African tribe was using magnetic ores in food preparations. It is recently been discovered that magnetic field alters the taste of food.

There are written reports that egyptian nobility were wearing magnetic jewellery to preserve beauty and youth, property of magnetic jewellery that was just re-discovered.