The easiest bracelet to put on!

NO STRUGGLE with the clasp but still just as comfortable as a usual link bracelet.

EXPANDING bracelets are made for you if you are always in hurry or just do not like to potter about with the clip.
Fits perfectly for elderly poeple too, for whom it might be difficult to handle a regular bracelet.


Gift Guide

Probably you are already aware, that Valentine’s day is coming. Altough it is a beautiful day for everyone, the weeks before are often spend with the nervous searching for the right gift for your beloved.

We know it is not easy. Even if you are decided what you would like to give, it is quite difficult to find the exact piece that fits the best.

Well, here is a little guide for our bracelets, to make your hunt easier. Now we are helping you out, if you are looking for something for a girl, later on we will give some advice for the girls themselves:)

1. The lovely
Is she that kind of person, who somehow everyone loves? She is naturally cute and has the biggest heart ever.
Then here are our suggestions:

The love heart bracelet. This piece speaks for itself. You can show her how much you adore her personality, and how sweet you think she is. Can you imagine anything more suitable for Valentine’s day?

These little sparkling crystals are just as cheerful as her. It jewels your beloveds little wrist and makes her even more gorgeous. Isn’t it charming?
With Swarovski Elements!

2. The confident
She is a strong, self confident woman. She has as incredible impression on men, she is someone to fight for.
We have stylish and neat bracelets for her.


The best example of simple elegance, delicate and strong at the same time.  It can fit her business suit too, so it can remind her of you every day, even at the important moments.



3. The extraordinary
She is somehow so different from others. She has got her very own style, an enchanting originality. She likes to express herself with her clothing and accessories very much.
These interesting ones would match her taste for sure!

ImageBangles give you the feeling, like they have left back from some historical ages. They have a hint of tender sensuality and mystery. For woman, who does not like if their jewelry is average.


Each gemstone has its history, traditions and beliefs. It makes them mythical and adds the bracelet a whole new depth. This beauty is made of jade, which has its routes back to the ancient China, where it was honored as the „royal gem”. It embodies wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage, yet it also symbolizes the female-erotic. Not bad, right?

4. The sporty
She is just full of energy. She is jugging nearly every day, simply a sport-freak. Do not give her something sparkling cutie-beauty. Sure, she could wear it time to time, but would she not be more happy, if she would get something that fits her lifestyle?

It is not only a cheerful wristband, but an i-Balance specialty. The i-Balance wristband spec is by far higher than any other holographic balance wristband: It contain two full-size i-balance holograms on opposing poles and two additional small i-balance hologram, and two strong magnets (4,000 gauss) under each of the full-size holograms.
Fort he best performance!

Do not worry about the proper gift box. Our bracelets arrive with a nice FREE gift wallet!

We hope that this little guide helped you a bit. If you are still lost, you can browse here.

BAYAN III Steel Magnetic Bracelet is back in stock!

The BAYAN III Premium Ladies Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet is back in stock. They finally received it. You may have held your shopping thinking that you missed out on the first time around. Here’s what’s just come back in!

Some time ago we were told that there was a rumour going around that the BAYAN III bracelet is not in stock for a while. We receive many emails complaining about this, as this line is very popular. The reason may have been the surge in sale coming Valentine’s Day.

Well, while supply at Magnetic Products Store remains a little not a done deal with some categories having plenty and others having none, MPS has now removed the “ships in one weeks” label from the buy button on its Web site. It’s still listed as backordered at some comparison websites, but it appears that you can now get this premium stainless steel magnetic bracelet without delay through suggested the delay was due to an inventory glitch while others floated some rumours that MPS were pulling this bracelet from stock in order to install a block that would prevent people from re-routing the item to run custom product that allows you to access the free for all Marketplace in the United Kingdom and the United States, while ignoring Some plenty European countries.

Some posts on the world wide web of the internet and in other places even claimed that a bad batch of devices shipped from this massive country in the far east had caused the supply problems despite the heavy demand.We’re not sure we’ll get an answer Magnetic Products Store as to what is really going on. Indeed, we have called them but they were busy packing magnetic therapy bracelets like mad and nobody was available to go to the phone.

All in all, it does seem to be that the BAYAN range of magnetic bracelets are in high demand, and the that the BAYAN III bracelet is the most popular of them all.

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Thanks for reading. Please come back.