Who’s fault? Who’s responsibility?

If a stranger gives you poison and you take it, it is his fault or yours you die?
Of course it is on both sides. Even though it sounds pretty obvious in this case, fights are rising time to time according to responsibility questions.
I should have not take the poison. Or maybe he lied to me, to do so… Or maybe even he did not know.. And then, it is getting complicated. Almost every purchase we make might lead to an argument about, that the provider or the customer is the liable. What shall the companies do? Only sell super-safe things? Only super-healthy things? And who is going to control it?

“I remember when I was young. We had a concrete ditch across the street where water flowed during winter. In the summertime it was dry and we would sneak over and run up and down its six-foot sides. It was great fun, unless you got stuck at the bottom or got hurt doing it. Back then (right around the time Ronald made his appearance), if you did get hurt, it was your own fault. In fact, your parents probably scolded you for doing it in the first place, adding insult to injury. Twenty years later, anyone hurt in that ditch sued the municipality that owned the ditch. They were awarded thousands of dollars and a fence was erected around the ditch, costing taxpayers twice. Even though they were trespassing and knew better. People just do not take responsibility for their own actions. Such is the case with obesity.”

The subject came up because of McDonald’s again. People are blaming the company, because the mascot Ronald McDonald causes obesity in children. Though we are always on the side of the customer, no one can save them from themselves. Even when they are aware of danger, they do not pay enough attention to it. And as the problems occur, they are crazy to find anyone else to blame.

Thanks God MPS never had to face a conflict like this. But just for sure, we would like to warn everyone to seek medical advice beside using Magnetic Therapy!

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