Links removal tool from magnetic bracelets

Links removal tool

Links removal tool

So here’s the deal, you order a magnetic bracelet online, it arrives a few days later, you try it on and – oh bugger! it’s too big! It’s floppy and it keeps sliding over your hand and onto the floor. You were careful not to buy one that was too small, because you didn’t want it to cut off your blood circulation and now your stuck with one that’s too big instead!

That means I’m gonna have to send it back! you think.That means I’m gonna have to wait another few days!

Worse still, you think you’re going to have to pay extra…

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Expanding Cobra bracelet

Expanding Cobra bracelet

At least, if you bought it from Magnetic Products Store. Because MPS includes a FREE links removal tool with every links bracelet they sell! And, of course, Magnetic Products Store provides clear instructions – with pictures – on how to use the tool, making removal of surplus links a doddle. (That means making it easy to you Yanks, Aussies and Kiwis out there!)

Of course, the problem of the wrong size bracelet only applies to links bracelets. If you buy one of the MPS range of expanding bracelets, it slips over the hand and snaps back into place over the wrist, fittings many different wrist circumferences. And, of course, it also has no fiddle or tricky clasp to contend with. I’m tempted to paraphrase Tolkien and say: One bracelet to fit them all.

Oh bugger! Oh Bilbo Bugger! I’ve just said it!

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