Great news – New book about magnetic therapy and health

NEWS, real news – just arrive!
There is a great new book out there. It deals with aspect of alternative health and health care – magnetic therapy products business and their customer. It follows like fly on the wall few leaders of departments of this business, as they manage to maintain human caring and understanding to the needs of their customers while keep selling magnetic bracelets for profit.
It is called Magnetic Therapy, Pain Management and Commercial Realism: A New Outlook for the 21st Century by Eran Adams. You can find it at good reads. You can also find there some reviews of this book, and it will sure be interesting for people that follow magnetic therapy, and those who buy magnetic bracelets. Simply great news.

In the News Today.

In the news agenda the health business is ignoring once again the need of the people for alternative way of medicine and the growing need for a change. The food we eat makes us allergic to everything and we need alternative to the poison we put in ourselves.

We need an education system in our schools that is helping educating the kids about the use of magnets in general and magnetic bracelets in reducing pain. And there is no one day that we do not hear in the news about personal tragedies. So give the people what they really needs: Magnetic bracelets.