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The easiest bracelet to put on!

NO STRUGGLE with the clasp but still just as comfortable as a usual link bracelet.

EXPANDING bracelets are made for you if you are always in hurry or just do not like to potter about with the clip.
Fits perfectly for elderly poeple too, for whom it might be difficult to handle a regular bracelet.


NEW! In case of emergency

If you are one of the many people, who needs special treatment because of your medical condition, you probably are familiar with constant fear. What if something happens, and no one knows about my problem? The medical staff does not recognize the symptomes in time?

And for sure, we have the same fear (if not even worse) if someone we love is such kind of problems. What can I do? How Could I protect him/her?

ICE Medical Alert bracelet can help you to get rid of the

The bracelet is marked, for professionals, who are trained to look for it. On these special jewelry you can get engraved a message, which will tell them in an instant if there is anything important about you they need to know when treating you.

It can save your life!

Conditions – in case Medical Alert bracelet can be extremely important – are e.g.: Diabetes, Asthma ,Dialysis, Heart condition, Pacemaker, High Blood Pressure, Epilepsy, Dementia, or Allergies (Penicillin, Peanut.)

A bracelet is easy an comfortable to wear each day, this way the important information is with you anytime! It also useful to constantly wear for the positive effect of magnetic therapy too. ICE Magnetic Alert bracelets contain 25 magnets too, 3,000 Gauss each.

Erase the risk of a tragedy and use the benefits of Magnetic Therapy at the same time!

The engraving is a FREE service with the jewelry.


The day dedicated to the fathers

On the 16 of June comes the day of the year, when dads are in the spotlight. Even though Father’s Day is more then 100 years old, somehow Mother’s Day remained way more popular and wider celebrated.

Why? Probably, because emotions are more attached to women, therefor to mothers in our mind. Show our feelings to our father might seem way more difficult for many of us. But Father’s Day can help us a little, to reveal our appreciation and love to him. While it is a bit socially  required to celebrate Mother’s Day, it did not get built in so much in conventions according Father’s Day. It is our duty to remind ourselves, and not let the laziness keep us from making efforts for him.

Some people do not really like these kind of celebrations (Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, sometimes even birthdays, anniversaries…etc), because they think that we should act every day nicely not only on these special ones. Though I have to agree, we cannot just ignore the importance of special acts. It is a part of the every days as well, to do something extra, special for our loved ones. Also cannot miss, that it might not be important for us, but it does not mean, it is not important for him/her.

You have many gift choices, and probably your father/grandfather will be glad to receive any of them. But when we give presents, we do not want to only give something, we want to give something really good and useful.
With magnetic therapy bracelets, you do not only buy him a nice jewelry, but also show how much you care about his health and want to make him feel good, be healthy.

HERE, you can find a collection of man bracelets, what can help you to find the style which you think suits him the best.


Although it is known, that woman have better emotional skills, they have a bit harder job with gifts. You can say, almost every girl is happy if she gets some flowers, special chocolate,cosmetics or jewelry. If we are talking about men, do you know any present that is a success for sure? Ok, except alcohol – not really. Probably every single woman knows that struggle, the brainstorming with the friends and still, no idea.

But you know what? Maybe we can help!

Valentine’s day is pretty much the occasion, when you can focus on expressing your love. Maybe on his birthday or at Christmas it is more important to find something that has a practical value, but not on the 14. February. Now, the only point of your present is to show how much you care, do nor forget that!

Why a bracelet?
To give jewelry for a men is not something usual, in opposite: it is a very special gesture! It says, we are close enough to do so.  What else would you like to say to him?

At last but not least bracelets are always with him. He can wear it everyday, look at it and think of you. It is not in his pocket, not on a shelf at home, it is actually on his hand touching his skin…If you point it out for him, probably he will wear it with the sweetest thoughts.

Convinced? Then time to pick the right one! Below you can find for which personality which bracelets we suggest.
Click on the photos for details!

  1. The Gentleman
    He is not from this century! Always gallant, naturally nice from the core from of his heart. He is calm and relaxed, but you know that for you he would kill all the dragons of the world. You can feel like a real princess beside him.lovag
  2. The Bad-ass
    And that’s why you fall in love with him. He is the bad guy, whose hidden sweet side you are the only one who knows. From the outside he is hard and cheeky. The other men wants to compete him, and all the other woman are falling for him.brtb-4-wmps
  3. The Individuality
    He is a real caution! Different in a charming way,  full of new and original thoughts! You cannot stop listening him, he is just so interesting! He has got called a weirdo at least once in his life.  Here is something extra for him.copperman
  4. The Sportsman
    Healthy and well built body is extremely important for him.  Enjoys all kind of sports, he is full of energy.  His clothes and look shows that too,  everything is functional and leisured. Why would you buy him a metal bracelet, which he cannot wear daily?sportsman

Don’t worry!

There is no time limit for re-sizing bracelets!
During the first 30 days: The returned item can in any condition for a refund or exchange, whichever you want!
After the first 30 days: The returned item must be new & un-used, and with a copy of the original invoice