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Let’s use fake pills

One of the most often used argument people use against magnetic therapy is, that the results people report are only caused by their belief in magnetism, not the bracelets itself. The strength of belief is well known, but instead of the “power of our mind” we simply call it Placebo Effect. This name makes it sound a way more scientific, and also more pitiable. We say, “it is only placebo”, as it weren’t one of the most astonishing thing on the world. Also this does not explain how skeptical people might have experienced the effects of magnetic products, but let’s leave it for now.
What is more interesting, it turned out that even doctors who are practicing traditional healing methods are giving placebo medicines to their patients time to time.

“Most family doctors have given a placebo to at least one of their patients,” BBC News reports.

We do not want to judge anyone, probably they have their reasons too. But… When people are going to visit their doctor they trust them completely, and giving fake pills is a lie. IF you choose alternative medication, you know they are not officially accepted yet and there is a chance they are made up. You accept that. Not like when you are attending your family doctor. Although it is for good purpose, helps people to recover many times, but it also does cross some border and shocks the people.
What do you think, is it true that “the end justifies the means”?

You can find the whole article of BBC here:


Although it is known, that woman have better emotional skills, they have a bit harder job with gifts. You can say, almost every girl is happy if she gets some flowers, special chocolate,cosmetics or jewelry. If we are talking about men, do you know any present that is a success for sure? Ok, except alcohol – not really. Probably every single woman knows that struggle, the brainstorming with the friends and still, no idea.

But you know what? Maybe we can help!

Valentine’s day is pretty much the occasion, when you can focus on expressing your love. Maybe on his birthday or at Christmas it is more important to find something that has a practical value, but not on the 14. February. Now, the only point of your present is to show how much you care, do nor forget that!

Why a bracelet?
To give jewelry for a men is not something usual, in opposite: it is a very special gesture! It says, we are close enough to do so.  What else would you like to say to him?

At last but not least bracelets are always with him. He can wear it everyday, look at it and think of you. It is not in his pocket, not on a shelf at home, it is actually on his hand touching his skin…If you point it out for him, probably he will wear it with the sweetest thoughts.

Convinced? Then time to pick the right one! Below you can find for which personality which bracelets we suggest.
Click on the photos for details!

  1. The Gentleman
    He is not from this century! Always gallant, naturally nice from the core from of his heart. He is calm and relaxed, but you know that for you he would kill all the dragons of the world. You can feel like a real princess beside him.lovag
  2. The Bad-ass
    And that’s why you fall in love with him. He is the bad guy, whose hidden sweet side you are the only one who knows. From the outside he is hard and cheeky. The other men wants to compete him, and all the other woman are falling for him.brtb-4-wmps
  3. The Individuality
    He is a real caution! Different in a charming way,  full of new and original thoughts! You cannot stop listening him, he is just so interesting! He has got called a weirdo at least once in his life.  Here is something extra for him.copperman
  4. The Sportsman
    Healthy and well built body is extremely important for him.  Enjoys all kind of sports, he is full of energy.  His clothes and look shows that too,  everything is functional and leisured. Why would you buy him a metal bracelet, which he cannot wear daily?sportsman

Don’t worry!

There is no time limit for re-sizing bracelets!
During the first 30 days: The returned item can in any condition for a refund or exchange, whichever you want!
After the first 30 days: The returned item must be new & un-used, and with a copy of the original invoice

Introducing the first player – Magnetic therapy trasher

The Sceptic Dictionary is a large and respectable website that is dedicated to “Exploring strange beliefs, amusing descriptions, and dangerous delusions…” It is reputable and appears to be well known and a source of authority in many quarters. This will be a major website that we will explore in our quest to understand the sceptism toward magnetic bracelets.

This is a commercial website with strong presence of advertisement. The reason I emphesise this is the connection that anybody will easy see between the need to be funny and sharp in order to get the readership that will in turn bring the revenues that the authors are aspiring to achieve.

It is a generic site – by that I mean that it is not dedicated to rubbish alternative therapies or magnetic therapy alone – it is a site with wide range interests. It will put all possible targets in it’s site, whenever they come.

The person behind the site is a ‘professional sceptic’: Robert Carroll is an academic that made a life long successful career from criticizing more or less everything, writing text books about it and educating generations of students alone the way towards paradise of self righteousness. One important point to say about him – which by the way will be also the same for most of those who do favour magnetic therapy: He do not posses any scientific education non what so ever. His training is a philosopher’s training.

A quick bird’s eye view of the pages and site navigational structure  puts Alternative medicine on the top of the left hand side menu. It is the most important target by the site, which is again, runs by a philosopher!

That is it for now. At a later posting I will investigate the magnetic therapy category in depth, and try to see the connection the writers makes between that and the commercial mystification – the magnetic jewellery and magnetic bracelets sellers.

BAYAN III Steel Magnetic Bracelet is back in stock!

The BAYAN III Premium Ladies Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet is back in stock. They finally received it. You may have held your shopping thinking that you missed out on the first time around. Here’s what’s just come back in!

Some time ago we were told that there was a rumour going around that the BAYAN III bracelet is not in stock for a while. We receive many emails complaining about this, as this line is very popular. The reason may have been the surge in sale coming Valentine’s Day.

Well, while supply at Magnetic Products Store remains a little not a done deal with some categories having plenty and others having none, MPS has now removed the “ships in one weeks” label from the buy button on its Web site. It’s still listed as backordered at some comparison websites, but it appears that you can now get this premium stainless steel magnetic bracelet without delay through suggested the delay was due to an inventory glitch while others floated some rumours that MPS were pulling this bracelet from stock in order to install a block that would prevent people from re-routing the item to run custom product that allows you to access the free for all Marketplace in the United Kingdom and the United States, while ignoring Some plenty European countries.

Some posts on the world wide web of the internet and in other places even claimed that a bad batch of devices shipped from this massive country in the far east had caused the supply problems despite the heavy demand.We’re not sure we’ll get an answer Magnetic Products Store as to what is really going on. Indeed, we have called them but they were busy packing magnetic therapy bracelets like mad and nobody was available to go to the phone.

All in all, it does seem to be that the BAYAN range of magnetic bracelets are in high demand, and the that the BAYAN III bracelet is the most popular of them all.

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