A lady twisted her ankle

ankle wrap

ankle wrap

That sounds like the beginning of a joke.  Interesting that… how we find other people’s suffering amusing. r maybe I’m wide of the mark here. Maybe it’s the impersonal nature of the sentence that makes it sound like the stuff of humour.

The truth of the matter is that the lady in question was a friend of mine. So perhaps I should have said “a lady friend of mine,” instead of just “a lady.” But therein lies the dilemma. What if she’s reading this article? What if she doesn’t want me to talk about our personal matters. Like the fact that she twisted her ankle. Well, maybe that’s not so personal. How about

neoprene-anke-wrapBut therein lies the dilemma. What if she’s reading this article? What if she doesn’t want me to talk about our personal matters. Like the fact that she twisted her ankle. Well, maybe that’s not so personal. How about how she twisted it. Yes, that is personal. In fact, it’s very personal…

So perhaps I shouldn’t talk so much about the cause. Instead, maybe I’ll focus on how to avoid it.  I don’t mean be careful about skinny dipping and running naked through the woods when you hear a police siren. (Oh sorry, I said I wouldn’t mention it.) Rather what I mean is… actually, there is no way to avoid it. But when it happens, there are ways to make it heal more quickly. Like a magnetic ankle wrap.

Anyway, I have been indiscreet enough, so I think it’s time for me to sign off. I just hope the lady in question isn’t reading this…

Time waits for no man…

Almada Premium IonTopia Bracelet Have you noticed how summer seems to go by so quickly. If only someone could invent a magnetic bracelet that could actually make time run slower (or better still turn it backward) that would truly be a boon to mankind. Unfortunately, that is the stuff of fairy stories. And as one of the characters said in ET: “This is reality!”

So no time-warping magnetic bracelets just yet – not unless Doctor Who puts in an appearance. So what’s to be done? Well if we can’t turn back time, can we not at least use it more wisely? Of course, we can. But for that, we must feel good. We need more energy. And one way to get it is with magnetic bracelets, such as the IonTopia range of Magnetic Products Store.

ALPDA CrucisThis range is unique to MPS and is on the cutting edge of magnetic therapy and the use of magnets for health. But better yet is the fact that these bracelets look so classy. None of that poorly-made rubbish you get in some places. It is this combination of the positive therapeutic effects of these bracelets and their aesthetic beauty – itself an inherent contributory cause to the feel-good factor – that makes them worth taking a look at… and even buying.

Gold, silver and bronze

bac-72-c-emps-bronzeWe are now well and truly in the season of summer sports. Wimbledon is over, so bring on the Rio 2016 Olympics. That means sports injuries. Not so much the break you leg kind. The more the repetitive strain injury kind. One of the best ways to deal with these – and even to reduce the risk of them in the first place – is to wear a magnetic sports bracelet or wristband.

But aside from that wouldn’t you like a taste of the gold, or at least the silver. Maybe you’d even settle for the bronze. Well Magnetic Products Store has something for everyone. For the bronze there’s the vast range of copper bracelets (bronze being eight parts copper to one part tin). But what if you’re more ambitious than that? Maybe you’d like the silver?

bacs-7-wmps-510 (1) silverWell MPS has an impressive array of silver bracelets and bangles too, like the modern-looking one on the right. They also have designs that are a nod in the direction of antiquity, like the magnificent ABHAY Gothic bracelet below.

Who can gaze upon that bangle and not think about the ancient Olympic games in classical Greece during the great Helenic period?

bac-69-as-wmps-510 silverOf course in those days, they gave out laurel wreaths rather than medals. But metal is so much longer-lasting.

But what if you a true competitor and will settle for nothing less than gold? Then you will presumably only be satisfied with something like the gold-plated bangle below.

Of course, if mental games and intellectual competition are more your scene, then you might be interested in taking a survey on your game-playing habits, or check out this new game being developed, and it’s associated page on Facebook.

Indeed, the ancient Greeks used to love sport and mathematics. After all, mathematics is the sport of the mind, and sport is the mathematics of the body. But whatever your preference, remember what they say: It isn’t the winning, but the taking part!

bac-29-1001-wmps-510 -gold

Range wars

Guess who has the biggest range of magnetic bracelets in the world? I’ll put you out of your misery right away. The answer is Magnetic Products Store. And not only magnetic therapy bracelets. They also have magnetic necklaces, anklets, wraps, supports and sports magnets for athletes and golfers.

Swarovski royal blueFor example they have over a hundred different titanium magnetic bracelets, ranging from double strength, jet black titanium, 4-in-1 Bio elements bracelets and, of course,  titanium bracelets with those wonderful Swarowski elements.

They also have nearly fifty different copper magnetic bracelets including bangles, links bracelets, expanding bracelets and of course copper bracelets for arthritis. They also have a wonderful gemstone collection and some beautiful stainless steel bracelets.

Tarim white crystalsThe real question is, why don’t we see more magnetic bracelets on the high street? After all, there must be a market for such beautiful products. Ah yes, there certainly is. But taking it to the high street is expensive and limiting. Even one shop involves heavy start-up costs and one shop only makes the bracelets available in one area. In contrast, the internet makes those same bracelets available everywhere.

Remember that even in the online world, not everything is equal. Some magnetic bracelets are better than others. Some lines are better than others. And some vendors are better than others. Magnetic Products Store is very much top-of-the-range in terms of both quality and variety.

But what do YOU think?

My crusade for energy pendants

Energy pendants

I am on a crusade for energy pendants and I make no apologies for it. I have been in love with them for some time and so far I haven’t fallen out of love.

I don’t really know when it started. I just sort of discovered them. And I have been in love with them ever since.

They are available from magnetic products store at very reasonable prices.


Links removal tool from magnetic bracelets

Links removal tool

Links removal tool

So here’s the deal, you order a magnetic bracelet online, it arrives a few days later, you try it on and – oh bugger! it’s too big! It’s floppy and it keeps sliding over your hand and onto the floor. You were careful not to buy one that was too small, because you didn’t want it to cut off your blood circulation and now your stuck with one that’s too big instead!

That means I’m gonna have to send it back! you think.That means I’m gonna have to wait another few days!

Worse still, you think you’re going to have to pay extra…

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Expanding Cobra bracelet

Expanding Cobra bracelet

At least, if you bought it from Magnetic Products Store. Because MPS includes a FREE links removal tool with every links bracelet they sell! And, of course, Magnetic Products Store provides clear instructions – with pictures – on how to use the tool, making removal of surplus links a doddle. (That means making it easy to you Yanks, Aussies and Kiwis out there!)

Of course, the problem of the wrong size bracelet only applies to links bracelets. If you buy one of the MPS range of expanding bracelets, it slips over the hand and snaps back into place over the wrist, fittings many different wrist circumferences. And, of course, it also has no fiddle or tricky clasp to contend with. I’m tempted to paraphrase Tolkien and say: One bracelet to fit them all.

Oh bugger! Oh Bilbo Bugger! I’ve just said it!

We’re a couple of sports!

Sky blue silicone

Sky blue silicone

That’s a line from an old Judy Garland film called Easter Parade. That’s kind of relevant because we’re coming up to Easter now – the de facto start of Spring. And, of course, Spring is also the time when we spring into action and become more active. For many people that means taking up sport. Yes, I know, professionals may do sport all year round, but we amateurs tend to give it a miss in Winter. But, in the Spring, a middle-aged person’s fancy lightly turns to thought of sport. (Apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson!)

IonTopia white

IonTopia white

Of course, with sport comes sports injuries. We sometimes tend to overreach ourselves and overdo the physical exertions.

That’s why Magnetic products Store offers a wide range of magnetic bracelets with for sports. The silicone wristband above (not the one on the right) is one such example. Made of strong yet elastic silicone, it has no clasp and stretches to put it on. As it is waterproof, it is ideal for swimmers. It is also hypoallergenic. The extra strong magnets are embedded in the silicone, so no metal comes into contact with your skin!

Augusta Bio Golfers

Augusta Bio Golfers

Even Golfers – whose sport was once described by Mark Twain as “a good walk spoiled” are more than capable of doing themselves a mischief as they try to drive that ball down the fairway. Wrist injuries are especially common, followed by muscle tension and elbow injuries. So, for golfers, MPS offer that Augusta Bio Golfers wristband (illustrated on the left). The magnetic strength is an astonishing 6,500 Gauss and the strap is made of soft genuine leather. It is a fine product and every golfer should have one.



Rugby and Aussie rules football also have their fair share of injury. And basketball players. Magnetic Products Store has the widest range of bracelets, bangles and wrist bands – including many for sports. MPS also offers neoprene magnetic wraps for the neck, elbow, knee and ankle for those with sports injuries, sprains or strains.

These products are a useful adjunct to your sports equipment and well-worth having. It may even be worth having a spare. You never know. You hope you won’t be needing it, but it is good to have in your sports bag just in case.