Magnetic Products Store is doing a giveaway

Europe titanium magnetic bracelet

Europe titanium magnetic bracelet

Europe’s largest retailer of magnetic bracelets (by range) Magnetic Products Store, is doing a giveaway of a magnetic bracelet to one lucky man or woman, from their Facebook page to “brighten up someone’s winter.” The rationale behind the giveaway, is that winter is dark and gloomy and people need something to cheer them up a little.

“In December we have Christmas and the New Year to look forward to,” an MPS® spokesman said. “But in January, the seasonal celebrations are behind us, but there’s a long bout of cold, rain and gloom ahead of us before the first shoots of spring pop their timid heads through the frozen soil. And to add to our woes, we’ve got all those Christmas credit card bills to pay.

VENUS HEARTS Titanium Metal Bracelet

VENUS HEARTS Titanium Metal Bracelet

The good thing about magnetic bracelets is that they work at many levels. At the most obvious level, there are, of course, the magnets. But as we’ve said many times before, it’s not just about the strength of the magnets. Magnetic jewellery is designed to be pleasing to the eye. It is the ultimate placebo – in the literal sense. (Nerdy, scholarly note: Placebo is Latin for “I shall please.”)

However, the giveaway won’t last long. results are due on February 6, unless they decide to extend it. So if you want to enter, you’d better get your skates on. Just click on the link above, log in to Facebook and register.

Magnetic bracelets versus winter blues… and the winner is…

VENUS' HEARTS Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

VENUS’ HEARTS Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

One of the questions we are often asked is whether magnetic bracelets can be used for psychological therapy, as opposed to its physical counterpart. This is particularly important at this time of year. January is cold and gloomy, its days short and its mood one of utter depression. Unlike December, which offers us Christmas and then the New Year, January offers us nothing by way of good cheer. It is the time when the winter blues really set in.

So if magnetic therapy with an emphasis on psychological benefit is ever needed by the general masses, it is in January.

 MPS™ MEN'S TARENT Stainless Steel & Germanium Magnetic Bracelet

MPS™ MEN’S TARENT Stainless Steel & Germanium Magnetic Bracelet

Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that magnetic bracelets can cure depression. But hold your horses there, isn’t that the whole point of psychosomatic action? Whenever magnetic bracelets or other magnetic jewellery appears to work, it is dismissed by the sceptics as the”placebo effect.” In other words, it makes the person feel better psychologically. And in the case of winter depression there is a specific malady known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD) that is well-known to psychologists and that is crying out for treatment.


brs4-2-ta-wmpsAnd how might the placebo effect work with magnetic jewellery against Seasonal Affective Disorder? Well first of all the act of purchasing a magnetic bracelet might itself give a modicum of pleasure. They don’t, after all, call it “retail therapy” for nothing. But aside from that, magnetic jewellery has that very attribute that is the most powerful antidote to the darkness and dreariness of winter: they are bright and shiny – whether made of stainless steel or polished copper.

And they are especially affordable right now, because the January sale is in progress at MPS, with discounts up to 80%. So if now is a time to buy an affordable magnetic bracelets like the ones pictured here and beat those winter blues.

Magnetic attractiveness

bac-70-c-emps“So which of them is strongest?”

Now I’m not talking about Thor versus the Incredible Hulk or Superman versus Goliath. No  I’m talking magnets. A lot of first time customers raise this question when considering a purchase from Magnetic Products Store. But strength is a bit of a red herring. It would be like a woman looking for a husband on a basis of how big his muscles are instead of whether he uses those muscles to actually help around the house!

bat-5-wmps-510Now strength is important – for a handyman and a magnetic bracelet alike. In fact, there are some eastern cultures where men seek to marry strong women who can carry water (and children) over great distances. But even where strength is important, it’s not the be all and end all of the subject.  Indeed, some double-blind studies have shown that magnets outperform placebo (fake) magnets in their therapeutic and palliative effects whether they be strong or weak. To use an analogy drawn from conventional healthcare precepts: it isn’t about the strength of the medicine or the size of the dose; it’s about getting it right and regularly.

brtd-23-wmpsSo what then should you look for in a magnet if not the strength of the magnetic attraction? The answer is the attractiveness. See the subtle difference. It doesn’t matter how strongly the bracelet is attracted to iron. What matters is how strongly you are attracted to the bracelet. If the bracelet is attractive to your eye then it means that the bracelet is attracting you. It is like the broomsticks in Harry Potter. They choose their owner, not the other way round. It’s the same with magnetic bracelets – although the “magic” here is more of the poetic than the literal variety. You are attracted to what you like. Your own eyes are the final arbiter.

brtsw-7-wmps-gAnd – ironically, when we are talking about eyes – this is what some people lose sight of. A magnetic bracelet works in a number of ways. The magnets are only one of those ways. Your aesthetic taste is another. Some people say that magnetic bracelets only work because of the placebo effect. Well, in fact, that’s truer than they think. Because the word “placebo” comes from the Latin “I shall please.” And what could be more pleasing than that which makes the eye rejoice. And where the eye rejoices, the heart, mind and body will surely follow.


Can a bracelet get rid of arthritic pains?

brtd-23-wmpsPhrased like that in sounds like somebody is setting up the magnetic industry for a fall – or at least a challenge. After all mainstream medicine refuses to recognize it.  But some doctors are hesitantly acknowledging that magnetic bracelets may have some therapeutic effect after all – at least to the extent that they reduce pain. It is quite possible that more individual doctors would be ready to speak out in favour magnetic and copper jewellery for the treatment of chronic ailments were it not for the fact that in doing so they risk being ostracised – and worse – by their fellow physicians.

hp-5-ampsWhere then, does this leave the patient? The answer is pretty much in limbo as they have to decide for themselves whether to believe the  narrow-minded doctors or the evidence of various limited studies that suggest magnetic bracelets and other jewellery can and does reduce the pain that chronic sufferers endure. The learned medicine men – and I don’t mean the Indians – are quick to counter that it is all due to the placebo effect and the purveyors of these products are just cowboys.  But the fact is that many of these studies are double-blind and that pretty much puts the kibosh on the arguments of the doubters.

Been away for so long

But we are back with the best stories, reviews and intelligent conversation on the web.

Summer special – almost gone

Sport Wristbands

About to be gone – the must have experience the effect of timeless quality and innovative jewellery.

“The new standard of comfort magnetic therapy is here: Hi-Prime Silicone Magnetic Bracelet from IonTopia® in limited editions! Said to be beneficial in combating various medical conditions such as migraine, knee or wrist problems, tiredness, insomnia, high blood pressure, rheumatism, arthritis and skin problems – or they are said to simply boost your health!”




Good Magnet – Bad Magnet

While you are trying to learn some about Magnetic Therapy you can find yourself constantly reading about different mag

nets which they say “do not work”.  Because most of us is no scientist with a little bit a professional description and vovabulary we get easily confused.


Without enough knowledge it is hard to judge who is telling truth and who is only trying to mislead you – to only buy their product of course. MPS made deep – but not too – summary about what you should know about magnets if you want to make a well based decision. As you can see, we tried to include as many aspect as possible without making it too complicated.

We hope you will find it useful and correct!
You can read our summary HERE.


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