People are saying that magnetic therapy helps

An interesting debate is going on here. In replay to the posting that dealt with the hottest issue in alternative therapies – That magnetic therapy treat many illnesses, Wof Dfuiw brought up the argument that as ” Magnetic therapy is becoming popular in the US and in the UK with those suffering from painful conditions such as arthritis…”, though there are no masses and masses of empirical medical research that demonstrate the effectiveness of magnetic therapy in treating medical conditions such as Arthritis, the fact is that the people out there are saying that their magnetic bracelets did help in such conditions, as per the tones of emails to sellers of magnetic bracelets.

Yoga, Magnetic Therapy and actual arthritis

Although there are only just few studies that seems to look at the effects of yoga on actual arthritis, a revise published in 1995 in the British Journalistic Papers of Rheumatology did find that people with rheumatoid arthritis who participated in a yoga program over a three month period had massively greater offer grip strength compared with those who did not practice yoga and weight lifting in one go. At the same or there about year, another study published in the Journal of Rheumatology for Young People reported that arthritis sufferers who practiced yoga or used magnetic bracelets showed a significant improvement in pain and pains reductions, soft tenderness, and finger wide-range of motion for osteoarthritis of the hands. Acupuncture is another possibility; But it is a magnetic therapy that has been studied extensively. The researcher says that as far as we know it doesn’t change the course of the illness. But it can be helpful in managing terrible pains and reducing stress which is or not so but may be associated with living with the painful chronic conditions of the body.

Exercise as a treatment of arthritis or magnetic therapy

Although it’s not listed at all as an actual alternative treatment for the world, a certain clinical famous assistant professor in the division of rheumatology at the Georgetown University School of Medicine is a strong supporter of exercise as a treatment of arthritis rather than the application of magnetic bracelets of the magnetic therapy. She is saying all the time and to who ever is ready or have to listen to here for example, that biking adding to the strengthens of the quadriceps muscle above or there about the general area of the knee. And the stronger the muscle that are there to move, the more likely you are to see an improvement and betterness in your signs of symptoms.  It must be said however that Impact body loading activities such as fast and relentless jogging or high impact aerobics is not recommended at all. However more gentle exercise is recommended. A very good example that is encouraged are such as activities as skinny-deep swimming or water horseless polo.

In and on top of that, there have been evidences that a mind to body practice of yoga and wearing magnetic bracelet may also help arthritis sufferers and their pain.

Magnetic therapy is not up there with the rest of the therapies

When looking at the results in the last posting I had published, one may ask how comes magnetic therapy is not up there with the rest of the therapies. One possible reason is that using  magnets for healing may not needed to be applied by a trained professional health personnel. After all, magnets are magnets, they is no real risk to use and  do not have any side effects. One can simply chose and wear a magnetic bracelet of his / her choice.

Indeed some of these alternative treatments really work, say leading arthritis specialists, and even have scientific evidence behind them (although most  doctors admit that more research is needed). On the other hand, many more of the alternative treatments don’t work or need more studies to support anecdotal claims.

Different alternative therapies for arthritis

Some known and different alternative therapies for arthritis range like the alpha-bet from Acupuncture to Zinc, with much in between. From magnetic bracelets made  of titanium, stainless steel and copper to direct magnets applications to yoyo to name just a few .But the questions remains; Do alternative therapies for  arthritis real really work? Many people who sometimes suffer chronic arthritis are looking constantly alternative therapies in an effort to find relief from their pain, stiffness,  stress, anxiety, and depression accompany the disease. Indeed Arthritis Foundation reports that around two-thirds of those suffering from the  disease disesteemed some form of alternative therapies. An over view of the those alternative therapies: Some Work, Many Don’t

A survey conducted for Arthritis Today reported that the favourite alternative therapies of the 791 arthritis sufferers who responded to the survey included  everything from prayer and meditation to magnets. The writer is associate director of the Thurston Arthritis Research Centre at the University of North  Carolina at the famous Chapel Hill location.

Out of the 2,147 physicians who responded to the survey, the alternative therapies most recommended were capsaicin, relaxation, biofeedback, meditation,  journal writing, yoga, spirituality, tai chi, and also acupuncture.

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