Give your lover a magnetic bracelet for Valentine’s Day

Tennis Summer Sky

Tennis Summer Sky

It’s only four days away! Yes, I’m talking about St. Valentine’s Day. And how are going to show the one you love just how much you love them? A card? A box of chocolates? Flowers?

How about some jewellery?

“Jewellery? Are you crazy! I love her [or “him”] but I’m not made of money!”

Well that’s true. In these days of recession and austerity, times are hard. Even bank managers are struggling! (I bet you feel sorry for them, don’t you?) And even policemen, who are actually quite well paid. The other day a policeman was telling me: “I used to pound the beat, but now I’m struggling to beat the pound!”


python 4-in-1

python 4-in-1

Ah, fear and whinge no more, my fellow citizen of this austerity-ridden world, for the answer is upon us. And it comes in the form of magnetic jewellery from the Magnetic Products Store. Magnetic and copper bracelets and bangles have the dual purpose of using magnets for healing (such as copper bracelets for arthritis) and looking good.

The store offers a range of bracelets for men and women. The men’s bracelets contain extra strong magnets (also known as therapy magnets) and also include sports magnets and men’s bangles.  And in this promotion for St. Valentine’s Day, they also offer some of the best bracelets for women.

Take a look and pick up a bargain there. But don’t tell your lover that it’s a bargain. Let them tell you that it’s a lovely bracelet.


Although it is known, that woman have better emotional skills, they have a bit harder job with gifts. You can say, almost every girl is happy if she gets some flowers, special chocolate,cosmetics or jewelry. If we are talking about men, do you know any present that is a success for sure? Ok, except alcohol – not really. Probably every single woman knows that struggle, the brainstorming with the friends and still, no idea.

But you know what? Maybe we can help!

Valentine’s day is pretty much the occasion, when you can focus on expressing your love. Maybe on his birthday or at Christmas it is more important to find something that has a practical value, but not on the 14. February. Now, the only point of your present is to show how much you care, do nor forget that!

Why a bracelet?
To give jewelry for a men is not something usual, in opposite: it is a very special gesture! It says, we are close enough to do so.  What else would you like to say to him?

At last but not least bracelets are always with him. He can wear it everyday, look at it and think of you. It is not in his pocket, not on a shelf at home, it is actually on his hand touching his skin…If you point it out for him, probably he will wear it with the sweetest thoughts.

Convinced? Then time to pick the right one! Below you can find for which personality which bracelets we suggest.
Click on the photos for details!

  1. The Gentleman
    He is not from this century! Always gallant, naturally nice from the core from of his heart. He is calm and relaxed, but you know that for you he would kill all the dragons of the world. You can feel like a real princess beside him.lovag
  2. The Bad-ass
    And that’s why you fall in love with him. He is the bad guy, whose hidden sweet side you are the only one who knows. From the outside he is hard and cheeky. The other men wants to compete him, and all the other woman are falling for him.brtb-4-wmps
  3. The Individuality
    He is a real caution! Different in a charming way,  full of new and original thoughts! You cannot stop listening him, he is just so interesting! He has got called a weirdo at least once in his life.  Here is something extra for him.copperman
  4. The Sportsman
    Healthy and well built body is extremely important for him.  Enjoys all kind of sports, he is full of energy.  His clothes and look shows that too,  everything is functional and leisured. Why would you buy him a metal bracelet, which he cannot wear daily?sportsman

Don’t worry!

There is no time limit for re-sizing bracelets!
During the first 30 days: The returned item can in any condition for a refund or exchange, whichever you want!
After the first 30 days: The returned item must be new & un-used, and with a copy of the original invoice