Magnetic bracelets versus winter blues… and the winner is…

VENUS' HEARTS Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

VENUS’ HEARTS Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

One of the questions we are often asked is whether magnetic bracelets can be used for psychological therapy, as opposed to its physical counterpart. This is particularly important at this time of year. January is cold and gloomy, its days short and its mood one of utter depression. Unlike December, which offers us Christmas and then the New Year, January offers us nothing by way of good cheer. It is the time when the winter blues really set in.

So if magnetic therapy with an emphasis on psychological benefit is ever needed by the general masses, it is in January.

 MPS™ MEN'S TARENT Stainless Steel & Germanium Magnetic Bracelet

MPS™ MEN’S TARENT Stainless Steel & Germanium Magnetic Bracelet

Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that magnetic bracelets can cure depression. But hold your horses there, isn’t that the whole point of psychosomatic action? Whenever magnetic bracelets or other magnetic jewellery appears to work, it is dismissed by the sceptics as the”placebo effect.” In other words, it makes the person feel better psychologically. And in the case of winter depression there is a specific malady known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD) that is well-known to psychologists and that is crying out for treatment.


brs4-2-ta-wmpsAnd how might the placebo effect work with magnetic jewellery against Seasonal Affective Disorder? Well first of all the act of purchasing a magnetic bracelet might itself give a modicum of pleasure. They don’t, after all, call it “retail therapy” for nothing. But aside from that, magnetic jewellery has that very attribute that is the most powerful antidote to the darkness and dreariness of winter: they are bright and shiny – whether made of stainless steel or polished copper.

And they are especially affordable right now, because the January sale is in progress at MPS, with discounts up to 80%. So if now is a time to buy an affordable magnetic bracelets like the ones pictured here and beat those winter blues.

Can a bracelet get rid of arthritic pains?

brtd-23-wmpsPhrased like that in sounds like somebody is setting up the magnetic industry for a fall – or at least a challenge. After all mainstream medicine refuses to recognize it.  But some doctors are hesitantly acknowledging that magnetic bracelets may have some therapeutic effect after all – at least to the extent that they reduce pain. It is quite possible that more individual doctors would be ready to speak out in favour magnetic and copper jewellery for the treatment of chronic ailments were it not for the fact that in doing so they risk being ostracised – and worse – by their fellow physicians.

hp-5-ampsWhere then, does this leave the patient? The answer is pretty much in limbo as they have to decide for themselves whether to believe the  narrow-minded doctors or the evidence of various limited studies that suggest magnetic bracelets and other jewellery can and does reduce the pain that chronic sufferers endure. The learned medicine men – and I don’t mean the Indians – are quick to counter that it is all due to the placebo effect and the purveyors of these products are just cowboys.  But the fact is that many of these studies are double-blind and that pretty much puts the kibosh on the arguments of the doubters.

Spring time, sport time!

Did you gain a few pounds during the winter? We all did!

The refreshing spring diet is an important part of our life, which is worth not to miss, but do not forget, diet is never enough! To get in a good shape you have to start exercising! It will not only make you feel better in your skin, but is also refreshing for your mind, helps to erase stress.

If this is not enough, here is a list of some benefits of exercising:
• reduces risk of heart disease
• reduces risk of high blood pressure
• decreases resting heart rate (so your heart doesn’t have to work as hard)
• increases bone density
• reduces risk of osteoporosis
• improves strength and stamina
• increases co-ordination and balance (especially important for older adults)
• improves flexibility
• improves respiration
• improves circulation
• helps to prevent constipation
• helps with weight control
• improves sense of well-being and reduces stress

To support your efforts for a healthier life, MPS provides a wide range of bracelets that fits a sporty lifestyle too. Click on the picture for more.


And what, if you do not have time at all? Do not give up! It is also helpful if you move just a little bit more. There are some tricks you can build in even in your tight daily plans.
• Take the stairs instead of lifts or elevators.
• If you work in a large office, walk to talk to your colleagues, rather than picking up the phone.
• If you use buses, get off a stop or two earlier and walk.
• Don’t worry about finding a car park next to the supermarket or shop entrance. By the time you have found a close park you could have walked from a further, empty and less stressful space!
• For small amounts of shopping or other errands use a bicycle instead of the car, saving you money and the hassle of finding a park. If you live in a town, you will probably save time and if you live in the country you can enjoy the countryside.
• If you have a cordless phone, walk and talk.


Evidence of Magnetic Therapy – Empirical or Elusive?

Magnetic bracelets are an application of Magnetic therapy or Magneto therapy. This comes under the category of complementary and alternative medicine. Advocates of magneto therapy believe that exposure of certain parts of the body to magnetic fields can relieve pains, alleviate muscle fatigue and increase healthful blood circulation. As the case may be, implements of magneto therapy such as magnetic bracelets and magnetic jewellery can be used for specific purposes such healing from injury, or for general purposes such as better energy flow. Some might dismiss this as ‘faith healing’ and if the truth is to be stated, there is no concrete established proof of the effects of magnetic bracelets, but it is a belief among disparate sections of the public and supposedly gives relief.

Several studies have been conducted to validate the health benefits and healing effects of magnetic therapy, in spite of the fact that this could be difficult. It becomes hard because the presence of a magnetic field is easily detectible by the participants. When studies are conducted on several participants in which only a few are actually in the purview of a magnetic field and others are not, it is possible to give concrete results. In such surveys, usually even the assessor does not know which respondent is being given magnetic therapy and who is not. But this balance is disrupted mainly due to the fact that the assessors or the participants can check for themselves whether a magnetic field is present or not.

All studies about magnetic therapy used magnetic jewellery to check validity. Usually, magnetic bracelets were used. Some were titanium, some were stainless steel, and some were even copper magnetic bracelets. Each magnetic bracelet that were used in the study was wear by a person who really needed it, sometimes by two at the same time.

In such situations, the ‘placebo effect’ could enter the minds of the respondents and delude their perception, causing them to give unnatural responses which defeat the purpose of the study. But on the whole, practitioners have been able to arrive at one conclusion, i.e. magnetic therapy is more effective when used for general health and well-being rather than for specific ailments.

About Magnetic Therapy – Early History

The use of magnets in healing goes back a long way., and extends back in time at least as there are written records.

Many thousands of years before the emergence of the great civilisations in the Middle East, an African tribe was using magnetic ores in food preparations. It is recently been discovered that magnetic field alters the taste of food.

There are written reports that egyptian nobility were wearing magnetic jewellery to preserve beauty and youth, property of magnetic jewellery that was just re-discovered.