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Censoring or protection?

We all know that pharmaceutical industry is a very strong and very influential part of our economy, of our world.Speculations are showing up every day, how far they might reach, how much do they do to protect their  power. 
Is it in their interest to heal people or keep them sick? Are they able to deal with alternative medications, or are they trying to fight against it? If so, how far do they go? 
We deny to believe in all the conspiracies, that they rule everything, and those companies are all evil. For sure not.  
But it is true, and normal that everyone is trying to put across his own interests. In this fight, truth many times does not count. All the alternative healing methods are struggling, to somehow break the barrier of mistrust people have against them. For this cause it would be extremely important to provide the proper platform research and discuss those methods. 
What you can experience but, that they are pushed into some kind of „illegality”, automatically stigmatized as a fraud. This way, you can never know, if something is working or not, true or not. Because they are not discussed in the depth they should be. So, the good methods remain unmarked, but the bad ones can live stand on the same level. It leads to a big mess about alternative medications, and many of us thinks that they are all like „the bad ones”. 
What we would like to stand up for, is the opened conversation. We sadly had to experience, that it isn’t so welcome these days yet. 
On our website we shared many testimonials which users sent to us, to report how magnetic therapy worked for them. Is it a bad thing? We do not think so. But some people do. We received a claim, that these opinions showed on our page might mislead people, therefor they are dangerous and against the law to share. 
On one hand, it is understandable, that people have to be protected, because you can state on the internet whatever you just want to. On the other hand, does not these kind of regulations kill the possibility to judge things for ourselves? To decide, what we want to believe and what we do not? Many of us might need the help of magnetic therapy, but they can never read others experiences. 
We cannot fight this situation, and had to accept that the testimonials have to be removed. But we are hoping for a better solution, where our protection does not keep us from getting the information we have right for.

Some point….


The easiest bracelet to put on!

NO STRUGGLE with the clasp but still just as comfortable as a usual link bracelet.

EXPANDING bracelets are made for you if you are always in hurry or just do not like to potter about with the clip.
Fits perfectly for elderly poeple too, for whom it might be difficult to handle a regular bracelet.


Paper dealing with Magnetic Therapy

A not that fresh, but quite extensive and deep article about magnetic therapy:

NEW! In case of emergency

If you are one of the many people, who needs special treatment because of your medical condition, you probably are familiar with constant fear. What if something happens, and no one knows about my problem? The medical staff does not recognize the symptomes in time?

And for sure, we have the same fear (if not even worse) if someone we love is such kind of problems. What can I do? How Could I protect him/her?

ICE Medical Alert bracelet can help you to get rid of the

The bracelet is marked, for professionals, who are trained to look for it. On these special jewelry you can get engraved a message, which will tell them in an instant if there is anything important about you they need to know when treating you.

It can save your life!

Conditions – in case Medical Alert bracelet can be extremely important – are e.g.: Diabetes, Asthma ,Dialysis, Heart condition, Pacemaker, High Blood Pressure, Epilepsy, Dementia, or Allergies (Penicillin, Peanut.)

A bracelet is easy an comfortable to wear each day, this way the important information is with you anytime! It also useful to constantly wear for the positive effect of magnetic therapy too. ICE Magnetic Alert bracelets contain 25 magnets too, 3,000 Gauss each.

Erase the risk of a tragedy and use the benefits of Magnetic Therapy at the same time!

The engraving is a FREE service with the jewelry.